H20 Plus Skincare

H20 Plus Skincare

This month we’re loving H20 Plus skincare products.

Typically we like our cleanser rich and creamy, but when temperatures soar a gel cleanser can be delightfully refreshing. The H20 Plus Marine Cleansing Gel is an oil-free water-based gel that foams away makeup, oil and impurities and leaves behind a super fresh scent.

Also in this collection is the Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment , an oil free gel moisturizer that doubles as a hydrating mask. It’s a bummer there’s no SPF in this because it feels so cool and refreshing on the skin—perfect for the summer months.

Rounding out the regimen is the Night Oasis Oxygenating Rejuvenator , a night cream with ingredients like sea fennel, sea lettuce and wakame (sea kelp). Extremely light and hydrating, this night cream delivers fantastic results. After several days of use our skin felt (and looked) revitalized.

H20 Plus Oasis skincare line can be found at H20Plus.com and at the H20 Plus free-standing stores .

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  • The face oasis at H2O+ is one of my favorite all-time moisturizers. It is really refreshing and I keep my jar in the refrigerator to keep it cool when I put it on in the morning. I will definitely try one of the other products you mention here too. Thanks!

    Molly (Reply)
  • Oh my, even all of the packaging in the photo looks so refreshing. I just got out of the pool and hot tub and just looking at that photo makes me feel fresh, clean, and cooled off. I’ve heard of this brand before, and I’ve heard only good things about it. I don’t feel like this brand gets enough attention/coverage as it probably should, but since I havent actually tried it I can’t really say. What I can say is that coming in from a hot summer day and seeing that photo has persuaded me to give this line a try when I run out of my current skincare again.

    Kirsten (Reply)

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