Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Lotus

We need to let you in on a little secret.

Promise you won’t tell anyone?


It is quite possible we are going crazy. NUTS. And by this we don’t mean life-is-so-hectic-and-crazy-we-need-a-vacation kind of crazy. Or I’m-cuckoo-for-Cocoa-Puffs kind of crazy. No, this crazy is more like, um, crazy crazy.

Psycho crazy.**

Does this scare you? (You’re not alone.)

We’ve deduced that this is a combination of stress, sadness and withdrawals from Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream.

A little sample of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Lotus that landed on our doorstep changed our disposition a bit this week.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Lotus

This fragrance reminds us of being a teenager. Every time we spritz it on, we’re back in high school, living with our dad, driving a white Toyota Tercel hatchback with "Lassa" vanity plates.

For several days now, we’ve tried to figure out the connection—why this fragrance brings us back 20 years—but we’re perplexed.

Could this be similar to the Liz Claiborne triangle bottle that so many of our friends wore back then? It’s been forever since we sniffed that…we hardly remember it. Green Tea Lotus has notes of Cherry Blossom, Blossoming Lotus, Green Tea and White Birch. Our only wish is that Green Tea Lotus had longer staying power. The scent seems to disappear as quickly as it arrives.

Either way, those were happy, carefree days that make us smile remembering them.

**Okay, maybe not psycho crazy. Just crazy crazy.

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  • I’m sorry you’re struggling, Erika. Hugs for your stress and sadness.

    Total Jamoca AF withdrawal apparently has seriously negative consequences! Dr. Soos prescribes 2 spoonsful for immediate relief!

    My teen years happened before yours. I do not remember what I wore, but others smelled like Heaven Sent and – worse! – Love’s Baby Soft!!! Yuck!

  • Now Now – Loves Baby Soft was a great little item:)

    I will have to check this out. I LOVE LOVE their green tea perfume (on my third bottle) and I will have to take a sniff out of this one..


    Keila Pernia (Reply)
  • Hang in there Erika! I don’t know how to manage to do all that you do, and without ice cream even! I’m a teeny bit partial to Haggen Dazs Vanilla Swiss Almond.

    I was a fan of Anais Anais in HS; and my sister was an Opium woman. Love’s Baby Soft was my first fragrance too. I purchased some for my daughter last year, ahhh memories! Nowadays, I love anything from Fresh.

    Thanks for keeping us smiling, even at the cost of your own sanity. You are doing an incredible job here.

    Best, Jen


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