Bobbi Brown Fall 2008: Mauve Collection

Bobbi Brown Fall 2008: Mauve Collection

"Vintage-inspired hues with a modern twist" describes Bobbi Brown’s latest collection for Fall 2008.

The highlight of this collection is the limited-edition Mauve Face Palette, a collection of cool neutral shades for cheeks, eyes and lips. As usual, Bobbi doesn’t disappoint where this palette is concerned:

  • Exclusive Navajo Eye Shadow
  • New, Exclusive Vintage Eye Shadow
  • New, Exclusive Chocolate Mauve Eye Shadow
  • New, Exclusive Mauve Blush
  • New, Exclusive Dusty Mauve Creamy Lip Color
  • New, Exclusive Mauve Lip Sheer
  • New, Exclusive Vintage Mauve Lip Color

Bobbi Brown Fall 2008: Mauve Collection

Also in this collection you’ll find:

  • Limited Edition Mini Brush Set
  • New Black Mauve Shimmer Ink

Lip Gloss & Shimmer Lip Gloss

  • New, Limited Edition Black Pearl Shimmer Lip Gloss
  • New, Limited Edition Mauve Lip Gloss
  • New Iced Mauve Shimmer Lip Gloss

Lip Color

  • Pale Mauve
  • Heather Mauve

Bobbi Brown Fall 2008 Mauve Collection is available beginning July 2008 at Bobbi Brown counters nationwide and online at .

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  • the model reminds me of the one who does nike at the nordstrom website!

    Anna (Reply)
  • I really like that palette.

  • Does anyone have a guess as to how much this beautiful palette is going to cost? I’m not enough of a Bobbi Brown loyalist to know off-hand.

    Jenna (Reply)
  • Sorry Jenna, I should have mentioned the price in my post—it’s $55.

  • The model is stunning! Looks like a collection that anyone can wear. Can’t wait to get it!

  • You can’t go wrong with Bobbi Brown! Their products are long-lasting without the constant powdering of the T-zones.

  • do you know the model’s name, she is just gorgeous! i’ve played with this pallete and it is beautiful!

    anne (Reply)
  • Does anyone know the name of this model? She is GORGEOUS- can’t stop looking at her face!

    mary (Reply)
  • The model’s name is Anne Marie Kortright. She’s Puerto Rican.

    Carmen San Diego (Reply)

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