Beautiful Bailey


This is Bailey.

She’s our middle daughter, three months away from 15, and quite a handful. (Come to think of it, she’s just like her mother.)

She’s feeling a little left out because she doesn’t get spotlighted on this website like her sisters do (in her opinion). We’ve had to explain that being the invisible middle child (we have first-hand experience) is something you just need to suck up and get used to. That’s life, Bailey. Ha!

Bailey loves to dye her hair (notice the darker color above) and overstyle with heating tools (we fear for this child’s hair). And has more makeup than any 14 year old should even dream of having.

She’s an amazing athlete and a total Mommy’s girl.

She’s a tad heartbroken at the moment—over a boy who clearly doesn’t know what he’s missing. So let’s give Bailey a little Makeup Bag love…

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  • I happen to have first hand knowledge of all of the above and agree with: gorgeous child, definately a mommy’s girl and quite the handful. I must say, though, she is a wonderfully fun, talented and hard working girl who is destined for greatness just like her mommy.

    Auntie (Reply)
  • Bailey, you are a gorgeous girl and don’t worry about boys. At your age they are a giant disappointment, but *most* do improve with age :) Focus on being your fabulous self and doing things that make you happy!

    Critty :)

  • Bailey, you’re a total knockout and if the boy is too dumb to see that then more fool him!

    I’m sure that probably doesnt mean much (I’m 26 and when people say it to me I think “Yeah, okay. Sure.” but its definitely true.

    Like Critty said…just keep doing what makes you happy and don’t worry about the boy stuff. It’ll all fall into place when the time is right.


  • Oh, Bailey:

    You’ll survive the heartbreak. Hold out for the truly great guy who’s out there somewhere. Don’t waste another minute mourning that other one.

    Such pretty eyes and lips (but be kinder to your hair!); I can tell you’ve got an even better PERSONALITY!

    Love and hugs,
    Auntie Soos

  • Bailey! BEEN THERE with the silly boys. I agree with the above that *most* improve with age. Also, that’s what mom’s, sisters, and girlfriends are for–planning fun stuff to remind you how great things are even without the boys.

    P.S. Way to rock the hot pink bandana! 😉

  • wow your pretty! What lipgloss are you wearing in those pics?? also erika have you thought about bailey doing teen corner as well? so that you never skip on a week! i love teen corner and in fact im the same age as bailey! hey bailey check out my blog its about fashion and make up! p.s want to link up?

  • aww bailey! i agree! (secretly because i’m a middle child too!) and no we shouldn’t have to suck it up erika! lol

    spotlight is on you Bailey! with so many beauty products, co write the teen corner with big sis and take some of the pressure off of her….?


  • Bailey, you are gorgeous honey. Kick that boy to the curb, because there are more fish in the sea.

  • Awww…Bailey, you’re beautiful! You should contribute to Teen Corner too – your makeup in the pictures above looks better than mine does (and I’ve had ten years more practice)! :) Don’t worry about the boy – there will be others! Also, it has nothing to do with you – you’re cute as a button – he’s just a nerd. :)

    Jaime (Reply)
  • Ohhhhh 14 is so young! Girleen, you have your whole life ahead of you, and there is no time to waste moping over dumb boys. I, too, would love to hear Bailey’s voice in the Teen Corner!

    amanda (Reply)

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