Anastasia Beverly Hills

Last month we had the incredible opportunity to visit the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow studio with some of our fellow Total Beauty Blog Community members.

After being in her space, we can totally see how Anastasia has become the industry expert on brows. She explained eyebrows as if they were a research project, how the hairs under the arch grow up and support the hairs growing down from the top, and each hair basically supports the entire shape of the brow. For this reason, be very conscious of which ones you pluck, girls!

We left her shop with a sample of her All About Brows brow kit:

Anastasia All About Brows
The deluxe set of six tools includes Tweezers, Brow Powder Duo, four Brow Stencils, Duo Angle/Spooley Brush, Brow Gel, and an Eye Lights highlighting pencil.

We are especially impressed with the sharp, precise points of the hand-sharpened tweezers.

The most popular shade of brow powder for brunettes is Medium Ash, which looks great on our dark brows. Add the brow gel to hold in place and some highlighter on the brow bone to define even further and we have the perfect pair of do-it-yourself eye brows.

Anastasia All About Brows is available at Sephora for $75.

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