A Game

Janey and Erika

I’ve been tagged to play a game by two amazing beauty bloggers: Toya from The Life of a Ladybug and Linn from Rocketqueens .

I’ve never done this on Makeup Bag before, so here goes:

1) What were you doing 10 years ago?

Ten years ago I was living in Lake Tahoe, working in sales at Caesars. I was absolutely in love with Lancome Le Rouge Absolu lipstick in Amande Sucree which I received as a free gift with purchase. It was a platinum-y color that was discontinued and then brought back last year in a new shade (now it’s more gold/neutral).

2. What are 5 things on your to-do list today?

  • Tackle the 628 items on my work to-do list.
  • Put away the folded laundry sitting on the coffee table
  • Head to DHL to send my sister Bree’s old softball glove (which I’ve been meaning to do since Monday. Sorry, sister.)
  • Sign Janey up for summer fun because the girl is going nuts here at home
  • Pick up Bree’s contact lenses

3. Snacks you enjoy :

Do I have to talk about snacks? Since I’ve been trying to Shape Up , my snacks have consisted of:
Cottage cheese and strawberries
Apple slices with peanut butter

But I’d much rather snack on:
Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream from Baskin Robbins and cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery (Julia and I got some of these during fashion week and I don’t think I’ve tasked anything so divine.)

4. Places you’ve lived:
Washington, Hawaii, California, Nevada

5. Things you’d do if you were a billionaire:

If money were no option, I’d travel with my family to amazing places. I’d sit quietly with my husband every morning over coffee— discussing our plans for the day.

"Should we go to Paris for lunch today, honey?"

"Are there streams with trout in Paris?"

I’d buy a farm where my Husky could run until he gets tired. I’d still update this website because I love it that much.

6. People you want to know more about:

I’m not going to tag anyone, but I’d love to know more about you. Please tell me something about yourself in the comments…. The reader with the most interesting and creative response (interesting to me, anyway) gets an assortment of beauty products worth over $200.00. Go on, say it.

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  • 1) What were you doing 10 years ago?

    I just started my career working in the trade show business-the company I work for build exhibits

    2. What are 5 things on your to-do list today?

    1. don’t get sick-something might be coming on!
    2. I got an invitation from Tarte to meet them at Sephora tomorrow and I REALLY want to go-can you say goodie bags?
    3. Work-I work from home
    4. Get this contract signed-NOW!
    5. Go to see SATC with friend

    3. Snacks you enjoy :

    It’s sumemr-ICE CREAM (I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for ICE CREAM!)

    4. Places you’ve lived:
    Ohio-that’s it-borning Mid-West Girl, but I do get around! I travel mostly for work and have been to Miami, NYC, NJ, Orlando, Chicago, all over Southern CA, AZ,LAS Vegas and other parts of NEvada-I guess those are my most frequest stops, but you never know where I’ll be!

    5. Things you’d do if you were a billionaire:

    Buy a few homes where my family can be together at home but still explore the world. Do more volunteer work, yes, I volunteer at school, am Girls Scout leader, volunteer at dance, etc., but I’d find a good cause to throw some really great fundraiser for too-I’m a great party panner!

    Buy lots of philosophy-I’m addicted to the brand!

    6. People you want to know more about:

    I love learning about everyone! The more people you talk too, the more interesting you find people in general. The outside doesn’t always speak for the inside!

    Chris (Reply)
  • 1. What were you doing 10 years ago?

    I was just getting back into the workforce full time after going through a very painful divorce. I had been a stay at home mom for 10 years, so it was quite a shock to my system. I went into upscale retail and found I LOVED it. I got to play with clothes all day long. How fun is that???? Good thing we didn’t have beauty products, too, or I NEVER would have brought home a paycheck!!!

    2. 5 things to do on my TO DO list today

    get my hair colored – I am started to look like a reverse QTip, not pretty;
    see my grandbaby – I haven’t seen her in 2 days and I am suffering from withdrawal, believe me;
    call my grandmother – yup, I still have her, so I like to talk to her as much as possible;
    order a floor steamer
    wash the kitchen floor – can’t get more exciting than that, can you?

    3. Snacks I enjoy

    Hershey kisses

    4. Places I have lived

    NY, RI, Dallas (thankfully, I have not moved a lot.)

    5. Things I would do if I were a billionaire

    Buy some property, build a house for my grandmother and hire live in help for her so she could still be independent, but be close by; build one for my daughter and granddaugher so they could be close by; and one for my husband and I so we could have our own space. And, make sure it had a large enough closet for all my stuff. :)

    Build a large facility for the Dallas SPCA and spend lots of time there with the puppies and kitties just loving on them. And, donate to a few other causes that are near and dear to my heart.

    Travel with my family and extended family.

    Make sure my granddaughter and nieces and nephews never had to worry about college.

    Start using Natura Bisse every single day!!!!

    6. People I want to know more about

    I find people fascinating in general. If you want to yak, pretty much I’ll listen. You never know what you might find out about someone. I would like to sit down with both Presidential candidates and find out more about them and their lives. Anyone with an interesting background and story.
    I love American History – I just wish I could spend time with some of those people – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Adams, John Hancock. Now THAT would be something to remember.

    Love your blog!

    Cindy (Reply)
  • #

    1) What were you doing 10 years ago?

    I was 9 years old. The hockey team my dad works for had relocated to North Carolina from Connecticut the year previously. After a year of commuting, we had finally decided to move down there with him. I spent the entire year being called a “yankee” and just getting teased so mercilessly that we moved back to CT and now my dad still commutes.

    2. What are 5 things on your to-do list today?

    1. Do laundry
    2. Finish “Teacher Man” by Frank McCourt
    3. Buy my plane ticket to visit my friend in Italy this March
    4. Finish watching Season 4 of Grey’s Anatomy
    5. Buy a lamp

    3. Snacks you enjoy :
    Brie smeared on baguette, peaches, Italian Ice, Kit Kat Bars

    4. Places you’ve lived:
    Connecticut, North Carolina, and Maine.

    5. Things you’d do if you were a billionaire:

    Pay off my student loans from undergrad and grad school, buy a hybrid, get a loft in Manhattan, take Italian classes, donate a million to Project Chacocente (a charity I just worked with in Nicaragua in May), take classes to become fluent in Italian and French, buy my parents their dream house, buy my mom a villa in Tuscany, and buy a Steinway grand piano. Oh! And I would open my own restaurant with all of my family’s Italian recipes :)

    6. People you want to know more about:

    Mozart, Sidney Crosby, my grandmother, my brother (our personalities clash, so we fight a lot, but whenever I’ve been in serious trouble, he’s been right there to fight for me).

    Chiara (Reply)
  • I’m 26 and I love your blog! And free make-up. Hee! So here are a few things about me…
    1. When I brush my teeth, I rinse with hot water. I mean, the dishwasher rinses your dishes with hot water, so doesn’t it make sense that rinsing with hot water will make your teeth cleaner? Yeah I think so too.
    2. I can whistle with a blade of grass. Basically, you stick a piece of grass between your thumbs so your knuckle joints hold it in place, but it can still vibrate a bit like a reed. That’s all I did in high school PE during soccer.
    3. I use small make-up bags (like the slim ones from GWPs that hold squat) to hold receipts. That way I don’t have random scraps of paper in my purse.


    Tracy (Reply)
  • 1) What were you doing 10 years ago?

    Ten years ago, I was 19 and thought I knew EVERYTHING. I was working for Abercrombie and Fitch, where I took phone orders. I was encouraged to flirt with people who called in, to entice them to order more, “Ooh, see that shirt on page 53? I’d really like a guy who wore that!” :)

    2. What are 5 things on your to-do list today?

    -Try not to text the guy I went on a first date with the other night…I must remain a woman of mystery.
    -I had the day off, so sleeping in was on my list of things to do.
    – Pay my credit card bill
    – Remove the turquoise nail polish I’ve had on for the past week
    -Go to Happy Hour :)

    3. Snacks you enjoy :
    Cool Ranch Doritos
    Junior Mints (Frozen!)
    Sugar Snap Peas

    4. Places you’ve lived:
    Delaware; Philadelphia, PA; Charleston, SC; Sacramento, CA

    5. Things you’d do if you were a billionaire:

    Buy a private jet so I could fly back east and visit my family whenever I wanted

    Buy every one of the Bond Perfumes-even if I didn’t like the scent, the bottles are works of art.

    Open up my own little beauty shop and stock it with hard to find brands

    6. People you want to know more about:

    I have a slight obsession now with Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, ever since I saw The Other Boleyn Girl. I know they’re not around but I love reading all about their decadently disgusting lifestyle. Other than that, I’m a total people person, so I love learning about people in general-especially fellow makeup junkies! 😛

    Lauren (Reply)
  • 1) What were you doing 10 years ago?

    I was falling in love, while studying abroad in Shanghai. I’m still with this amazing man and actually playing this game prompted me to give him an impromptu kiss, which i think made him quite happy.

    2. What are 5 things on your to-do list today?

    Find a use for the durian fruit that i impulsely bought and is now absolutely stinking up my kitchen!

    Finish North by Northwest before i have to return it to the library and try not to drool too much over Cary Grant.

    Take my car, “Nola the Corolla,” to the mechanic to get a check up and install new shocks. I <3 this baby, it’s the most faithful relationship I’ve ever been in.

    Complete a first draft of my personal statement for public policy graduate school. good luck to me!!

    Tell myself one thing that I did today that made me proud of myself and one thing that I hope to achieve tomorrow.

    3. Snacks you enjoy :

    Oh this is so so hard. is there a word limit to a comment post? here is a list of some snacks that have served me well through the good, the bad and the ugly:

    french fries dipped in a vanilla shake
    frozen seedless grapes
    oreos dipped in peanut butter
    multigrain crackers topped with sundried tomatoes right out of the jar and mozzarella cheese
    GREEN TEA MOCHI COOKIES (if you’re ever in LA i would be more than happy to share with you the top secret location of these little pieces of heaven)
    tomato basil hummus with home baked pita

    4. Places you’ve lived:
    California, Arizona, Taiwan, Shanghai

    5. Things you’d do if you were a billionaire:

    I would start my own nonprofit that helped in need elderly citizens, especially those that are undocumented, find permanent housing and fund their health care needs.

    I would buy a small and cozy apartment in Copenhagen, where I will go to destress and recollect my thoughts and spirit.

    I want to build more local community centers that offer free art and music lessons to everyone, but especially high risk youth. There is such a need for places like these in LA, where gang youth violence is increasing at a dizzying speed.
    Along these lines, I would also like to start more organizations like Homeboy Industries, that help at risk or past gang members find jobs and develop skills.

    There is so so much that i want to do for the community, but there are also things that i hope to do for myself and my family, like set them up for life and travel!! Some places at the top of my list are Italy, Micronesia, Greece, France, Cambodia, Morocco, and India.

    I would also fulfill one of my ultimate dreams, which is to work with perfumers and develop my own signature fragrance. that would be truly magical

    6. People you want to know more about:

    some of the people that i wish i could meet and really get to know because they define for me in one way or another the idea of a hero are:

    angela davis
    julia child
    marge simpson
    katharine hepburn
    ella baker

    dianna (Reply)
  • 1) What were you doing 10 years ago?

    Ten years ago, me & my horrendous mushroom haircut (yes, I really did have one! Actually, it was more like a “Golden Girl” haircut, since my hair is naturally curly!) was in the sixth grade.

    At that age, I started wearing makeup more frequently. I also became interested in boys, so homework slowly became less of a priority. Which resulted in detentions & groundings.

    2. What are 5 things on your to-do list today?

    Only five??

    (1)Buy a new bikini (ignore the fact that I currently have 22!)
    (2)Look for new jeans
    (3)Find some documents for work
    (4)Study for my midterm on Tues! (Taking summer classes, BLAH)
    (5)Get a haircut.

    3. Snacks you enjoy :

    Anything fattening! I’m with you on the Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream from Baskin Robbins! I had that today, actually. I also love sour keys, barbeque and ketchup chips, and anything chocolate!

    4. Places you’ve lived:
    Toronto! Soon to be Arizona, though.

    5. Things you’d do if you were a billionaire:

    I would buy a private plane (big enough to fit all of my friends and family) and we would go partying in every continent. We would visit the seven wonders of the world, as well!

    I’d also donate money to various charities (sick kids, diabetes, breast cancer research, etc)

    6. People you want to know more about:

    I wish I could have met my paternal grandfather before he passed :(

    Have a good weekend, Erika!

    Tiffany (Reply)
  • 1. 10 Years Ago: well, this is tricky since I cant even remember what I was doing 10 weeks ago – let’s see 1998, huh . . . I was a bluegrass widow. My (now) husband was travelling on tour with a bluegrass band and my life was in turmoil because he’d be home for a day or two and then gone for a week or two and that kind of loosey-goosey schedule just about put me over the edge. Not to mention that he is a little bit country and I am a little bit RnR, so the whole bluegrass thing was really freaking me out. Of course, I also had my own life and career. I was working my way up at the company I still work for and spending time with my girlfriends (my favorite thing to do!)

    2. 5 Things to Do:
    A. beg my husband to do the laundry that he promised to do last weekend (I have him wrapped around my little finger)
    B. Figure out what to buy for my sister-in-laws 40th birthday. Suggestions would be appreciated. I LOVE her like the sister I dont have, as a matter of fact, I usually call her my “sister” which really confuses people when I say “My sister and brother and their two kids.” I am thinking of getting her the Elsa Peritti initial necklace from Tiffany’s but I am not quite sure. I got one for my 30th birthday from a good friend and I love it.
    C. Work out. Ok, I hate it but I have to start to psych myself up for my weekend trip to the gym. Encourage me, please.
    D. Convince myself that my Jenny Craig turkey dinner is “just like mom’s at Thanksgiving.”
    E. Tell my husband how much I love him (refer to A, above).

    3. Snacks: well here is a subject I can really get into discussing!! Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, fresh-cut french fries, Vosges dark milk chocolate with smoked almonds and sea salt chocolate bars (at $8.00 a bar, they are actually worth it!!), Fanny May milk chocolate-covered caramels, Tastycakes peanutbutter tandy kakes (I probably spelled that all wrong, but anyone who comes from Phila or NJ know what I am talking about), table-side guacamole at Dos Caminos (in NY) or Abobo Grill (in Chicago). I could go on forever but this isnt helping my diet.

    4. Places I’ve lived: Phila, New Orleans, London, Chicago

    5. Billionaire Dreams:
    A. Pay off all of my friends debts so that they wouldnt have to stress about it any more. Pay off my brother’s medical school loans (he’ll be able to pay them off himself, but since I am a billionaire, why not??)
    B. Buy my parents a bigger condo at the beach so we could all visit in the summer together. They would love for all of us to stay down there, but they just dont have the room and I am too old to sleep on the floor.
    C. Buy a bungalow in Chicago to live in. I wouldnt want some billionaire palace, I like my life the way it is, but I’d like to buy a home and I LOVE the classic Chicago bungalows. We’d trick it out with authentic furnishings and then add some fun modern touches.
    D. Buy a hybrid car for my husband and a Jaguar convertible for myself. That’s what he’d want, really.
    E. Figure out what color my parachute is and go for it.

    6. People to know more about: This is an interesting question cause usually the questions is “who would you like to meet” – which is an entirely different thing. I’d like to know more about old friends I have lost touch with. I’d like to get to know this girl I met who is moving into a townhouse a block way from me (you can never have too many friends, and she seemd really nice.) My grandparents – I wish I’d had learned more about them and their lives from them when they were alive. I also wish I had gotten my Great Aunt Fannie’s recipe for poppy-seed cookies. I’d love to meet Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa) and spend a day cooking with her. I also LOVE the writer Elizabeth George, so I’d like to know more about her and how she does the research for her mysteries.

    Michelle Sterling (Reply)
  • 1. What were you doing 10 years ago?

    Ten years ago I was moving from NC to my hometown in SC after I had broken up with my boyfriend. I was starting my 4th year of teaching and exclusively wearing Estee Lauder.

    2. 5 things on my to do list today.

    *complete graduate school application
    *yard work
    *paint laundry room
    *return movies to blockbuster
    *drop off dry cleaning

    3. Snacks I enjoy
    *snapea crisps
    *apple cheese dip from Very Vera
    *m & m’s

    4. Places I’ve lived
    MI, SC, NC

    5. Things I would do if I were a billionare.
    *Travel extensively with my parents and friends in tow!
    *Shop extensively
    *Buy my favorite historical house in my hometown
    *Put my cousin through college
    *Make sure my family was well taken care of.

    6. People I want to know more about

    I love meeting new people and socializing! I have always believed in the more the merrier. I have gained wonderful friendships through listening do their stories. I am always looking new people.

    Heidi (Reply)
  • 1) What were you doing 10 years ago?

    10 years ago I would have been 19 and I was living in SoCal. I was a “student” but what defined me at that time was a rave kid. I used to go to raves more than I went to class. I was obsessed with glitter and colored hairspray to complete my look. Yes, I was one of those rave kids with glowsticks. Unless you went to raves, then the glowsticks don’t make sense. LOL

    2. What are 5 things on your to-do list today?

    Get a/c fixed in my apartment. It is 105 here today in the Central Valley in CA. (yes, it did get fixed).
    Get in touch with a friend. Talked to her for about 1.5 hours and am actually spending the weekend at her house.
    Take advantage of the sale of OPI nailpolishes at the Beauty Supple store. Got a few more for my collection.
    Pack for my weekend away and decide what MU I will take with me.
    Depot my eye shadows and blushes and take part in MAC’s B2M program.

    3. Snacks you enjoy :
    since it is hot and i am trying to watch what I eat, i make a yogurt parfait that is low in calories. I use frozen berries, vanilla low fat yogurt and for something crunchy, I sprinkle Frosted O’s on it. I microwave the berries for about a minute and mush them up on a bowl to get some of the juice out. Then I put about 5 table spoons of yougurt on top and 1/2 cup of the frosted o’s. Yummy!

    4. Places you’ve lived:
    Mexico City, Marin County (CA), SoCal & Central Valley, CA
    5. Things you’d do if you were a billionaire:
    First, I would get all my family together – all the way from Mexico, Guatemala and the US, and take us all on a all expenses paid cruise just for us. Since I live in CA and most of my family lives in Mexico, I dont get to see them as often as I would like. Some of my favorite memories is being with them so a cruise vacation would be perfect. We would be able to enjoy each others company while discovering new places.

    Also, I would buy my mother the house of her dreams. She is a hard working woman and her dream is to own her own home. She deserves everything and more and I wish I could give it to her. She has shown me what a real woman is like and I aspire to be just like her.

    I work in the financial industry and something that I see a lot of is elder abuse. Unfortunately, elders are taking advantage off more than we know. The main reason why I would do this is because I have one grandparent left and it would break my soul to hear that he was being abused (whether it be mentally or physicially or financially). I think they are a sector in our culture that at times gets overlooked and I would want to create a safe haven for those that don’t have anywhere to turn.

    6. People you want to know more about:
    I would want to know more about successful people and by successful I don’t mean rich. I want to be able to talk to people who are happy with who they are and what they do in life. Someone that comes to mind would be Deepak Chopra or Maya Angelou. (I bet you thought I was going to say Oprah) but I am not…lol) I would want to know how I can I be 1/10000th of what they are.

  • 1) What were you doing 10 years ago?

    Wow. I was 14 years old, and I was about to start my sophomore year of high school. I had skipped two grades and I was painfully insecure and terrified of my new school and classmates. I was bone-thin, ultra-pale, and dark brunette in the Texas plains–land of the voluptuous, tan, blonde beauties. Needless to say, I wasn’t very happy. I was doing my homework and reading Vogue and Allure in my spare time.

    2. What are 5 things on your to-do list today?

    1) Put together my kit for the wedding makeup I’m doing! A beautiful bride has asked me to do her face for her big day, and I love on-site wedding makeup. Plus she’s actually a friend, so it makes it even more fun. Doing makeup at the site, rather than at the counter, is a lot easier- I can see how things will look in the light of the venue, touch up, etc
    2) Reading a few more chapters of Marian Keyes’ new book- she’s a fantastic Irish author who writes non-ridiculous “chick lit”.
    3) Getting the matts out of my Persian cat’s fur! After he’s groomed, I’m shearing his fur down so he’ll be cool in the nasty humid summer.
    4) Continuing the work on my self-tan. I’m working with a combo of Lancome Glow n’ Wear, Bath and Body Works Go For the Gold, and Too Faced Tanning Bed in a Tube for Face. It’s taking me from paler than MAC NC15 to a perfect match for Clinique Superfit in Healthy (a huge jump!)
    5) Frantically hoping for a Nordstrom package- they were the last place online that had MAC Dazzleglass in Get Rich Quick still in stock, and that’s the one I was most wanting! Can’t wait till it arrives!

    3. Snacks you enjoy :

    Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds
    Smoked Gouda
    and these strange little cheddar whale crackers, only sold at Wal-mart (and I generally refuse to shop there!)

    4. Places you’ve lived:
    Missouri and Texas. Yep, that’s it.

    5. Things you’d do if you were a billionaire:

    First, I’d pay off my parents’ house and cars. Then I’d pay off our house and cars. I’d buy my husband his dream guitar, and I’d buy my aunt and cousin houses. I’d buy my virtuoso cousin the best cello available. I’d give a ton of money to our local domestic abuse shelter that is falling down. I’d give a ton of money to a couple from our hometown who run an orphanage in Taiwan. I’d give major money to as many no-kill shelters as possible, and also money to city-run shelters that are understaffed and overcrowded. I’d pay for my best friend to go back to college. And I would give a lot of money to the theater program that helped me survive high school. Then I would work on being the best person I could be with the money I was priveleged to have.

    6. People you want to know more about:

    My family. Both of my parents are military brats. My extended family is very private and reserved, and I just don’t know them as well as I’d like to. I got the eccentric “open book” personality in the family, and I want to know all of them better and better. And although I know him like the back of my hand, I always want to know more about my husband. He is the most fascinating man I know.

    Love your blog! I check it every day!

  • 1) What were you doing 10 years ago?

    I was 16, and I had just finished my sophomore year in high school. Drill team was the most important part of my life, and I was probably as fit as I have ever been in my life! That was also the summer that my grandfather’s health was in serious decline and he ended up passing away. =(

    2. What are 5 things on your to-do list today?

    1) shave my legs (check)
    2) get dressed
    3) hang out with my parents
    4) go watch the grunions at the beach with friends
    5) laundry

    3. Snacks you enjoy :

    everything! especially wheat thins w/ cream cheese, sour candy, and fresh watermelon. mmm!

    4. Places you’ve lived:

    5. Things you’d do if you were a billionaire:

    pay off debts. buy myself a house. pay off my parents’ mortgage. travel to every one of the 50 states and spend at least a week in each one. visit japan. live in brazil. learn to swim. start a charity. pay for my nephew’s education. so many things!

    6. People you want to know more about:

    my parents and my family. I know them, yet I have litle to no idea of how they were prior to being my parents!

    claudia (Reply)
  • 1) What were you doing 10 years ago?
    Sneaking into my mom’s room when she was at work with my sister, and playing make-up artist with what ever was hands reach from her beauty vanity.

    2. What are 5 things on your to-do list today?

    1) Write my Art exam!
    2) Celebrate with my art classmates with milkshakes, the best perogies in town and apple pie chimmichangas!
    3) Shop for a new camera (sony cybershot with the touchscreen?)
    4) Study for my Design exam
    5) Try out my clearsonic brush for the first time ever (SOOSOSO EXCITED)

    3. Snacks you enjoy :
    ultimate fav is pineapple! Then it’s cherry cheese cake from the cheesecake factory, chocolate cupcakes, cherry blasters and pull n’ peels.

    4. Places you’ve lived:
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and currently London, Ontario Canada. Soon to NYC.

    5. Things you’d do if you were a billionaire:

    – Pay for university
    – Pay for my sister’s university
    – Buy a nice house for my parents
    – Buy a life time supply La Mer
    – Travel to Paris in hopes that a charming, handsom, and sweet Parisian man. That says a beautiful collection of words that sound good but i have no idea what he is saying. Hopefully finding out that he works for La Mer.
    – Invest the rest:)

    6. People you want to know more about:

    -People who hate to have bubble baths, i dont get them

    Carla (Reply)
  • 1) What were you doing 10 years ago?

    Ten years ago I had just graduated from the police academy and was a wet-behind the ears 23 year old female street patrol officer. I had just moved back from living in Germany a year, recovering from a bad break up, and finally got around to doing what I always wanted to do. I already had a passion for makeup and was often seen in my patrol car, at a stop light, applying lipstick or lipgloss. I never got in trouble for that but did get yelled at a time or two by my Sergeant for painting my nails in the patrol car. Tee-hee =) I lasted four years of that and now work for the American Cancer Society.

    2. What are 5 things on your to-do list today?

    -Take a shower after just returning home from my husband’s bike races all day. It’s super hot in Texas.
    -Go eat a nice meal to celebrate mine and my husband’s birthdays (we’re 2 days apart)
    -wash clothes
    -change the cat litter (blech)
    -Model the 2 new pairs of heels I bought myself to show my husband why I NEEDED them.

    3. Snacks you enjoy :

    -Fruit, fruit, and more fruit.
    -Cranberry nut anything (but especially muffins and bread)
    -Do margaritas count? I reaally enjoy them.
    -Chocolate, especially Lindt.
    -Ceviche (google it.. it’s delicious!)
    -Chips and Salsa

    4. Places you’ve lived:
    Texas, Florida, Arizona, Georgia, New York
    Mexico, Germany

    5. Things you’d do if you were a billionaire:

    -Pay off my college debt
    -Pay off my car, sell it, and buy myself a vespa.
    -Buy a house for my husband and I, a house for my mom, a house for my sister, and send money to Mexico for my dad to open up his own business.

    I would donate to some of my favorite charities and then start a professional and reputable matchmaking service for women over 50. My mom and dad divorced 8 years ago after almost 30 years of marriage. While he has moved on, my mom has remained single. While on vacation last week she said to me that she thinks about if she had divorced my dad while I was still in high school (over 12 years ago) she might have still had a chance at happiness. She’s now 61 and I guess she’s given up on that. I started thinking… Older women aren’t the kind to go on match.com… but what about a professional matchmaking service? Who knows? Maybe they’d find true love again.. I’d give everything to see my mom in love again.

    6. People you want to know more about:

    Anyone who has survived and persevered a traumatic event. Survivors of any holocaust (Jewish, Rwandan, etc) and their stories amaze me.

    Anyone who has a great story to tell =) We learn from eachothers triumphs and mistakes.

    Thanks for letting us play! This was fun.

    Stephanie (Reply)
  • 1) What were you doing 10 years ago?

    I was finishing the eight grade. Ah good old middle school, so innocent and carefree. I literally had a million different things going on including: debate team, peer mediation, cheerleading (i was captain), honors and regents classes, tutoring, and I had dance classes 4 days a week where I did tap, jazz, acrobatics, lyrical, and pointe. Interestingly enough, I was never happier during that time.

    2. What are 5 things on your to-do list today?

    * Talk to the boss about upping the workload (does that make me crazy)
    * Make myself something yummy to eat
    * Spend an hour at least on the phone with my boyfriend, who misses me when I am gone (I miss him too and I saw him on Tuesday)
    * Work out (finally getting back on that bandwagon)
    * Continue to plan my trip to Canada with the bf

    3. Snacks you enjoy :

    Well, I am on a permanent diet (or so it seems anyway) so I try to stay moderately healthy.
    When I am good:
    Fruit (summer berries, watermelon, grapes, etc)
    Fat Free Greek Yogurt with special k red berries
    Sugar Free Ice Pops and Sugar Free Jello
    Pretzel Sticks
    When I am bad:
    Cheddar Chex Mix
    Light Ice Cream
    Fat Free Muffins
    And my favorite concoction ever: (get ready for this) russian black bread, fat free strawberry cream cheese, and french vanilla cool whip sandwiches. Sounds gross but it is soooo yummy

    What can I say, even when bad i try to stay good

    4. Places you’ve lived:
    Born and raised in NYC. Lived in NJ for four years during college.

    5. Things you’d do if you were a billionaire:
    – Pay off all of my debt.
    – Get my mba
    – Buy my parents a gorgeous home in the suburbs, pay off all of their debt.
    – Get married, move into a house of my own.
    – Travel the world and never have a worry about money again

    6. People you want to know more about:
    Cleopatra, Helen of Troy. All those mysterious historical figures that did great things. I would love to get inside their heads.

    Adina (Reply)
  • 1) What were you doing 10 years ago?

    Ten years ago I was entering my Sophomore year of college. I was home for the summer, and working as a waitress at a locally-owned Italian restaurant. I was experimenting with make-up, and was going through a horrible phase of wearing purplish-silver lipstick which I thought was flattering on my skintone (PPP with blonde hair and blue eyes = not so flattering). My mother was desperate to get me to wear more appropriate colors, at took me to Clinique and bought me probably $100 worth of make-up I never wore. Why won’t anybody take me on a make-up shopping spree now? 😉

    2. What are 5 things on your to-do list today?

    Try to stay focused at work and be productive, go home and take my cute dog on a walk, then make my cute hubby something good for dinner, then work-out, and then finish the first hour of The Bachelorette that I missed last night. I have to see Jesse and Jeremy’s home town dates! I hope Jason wins! 😉

    3. Snacks you enjoy :

    Oh Boy… Well, if I lived in Chicago it’d be fresh Garrett’s Chicago-style popcorn. I have never tasted anything better in my entire life. But, since I live 3 hours south of Chicago in Indianapolis, I’ll settle on donuts from a local donut shop called Longs, coconut cupcakes from a local bakery called Sweet Lucindas, and then either chips and salsa or Buffalo Doritos!

    4. Places you’ve lived:
    Indiana, Ohio, Germany

    5. Things you’d do if you were a billionaire:

    Quit my current job and open up a spa similar to the Bamboo Apothecary. That place is amazing! I love the fact that they carry so many great products. I’d donate a lot of money to charities that I am passionate about, especially my college. Maybe I’d have a dorm named after me? 😉 I’d put a good chunk of change into savings/investments for my children, their children, and on and on. And of course, travel a lot. First stop would be Greece.

    6. People you want to know more about:
    Your hubby! We’ve never seen any pictures. Post a pic of your entire family sometime!

    Julia (Reply)
  • I had to try really hard to come up with something interesting to share! My life is a tad boring…reading Makeup Bag updates is the most exciting thing I have going this summer (I can’t believe it’s time for the fall collections to come out already)!!! :) (By the way, please tell Bree to kindly get her butt in gear – my summer fun is dwindling as we speak, with no Teen Corner updates!) :) Anyway…interesting fact: I used to be a ballerina. Ten years ago I was probably in class, doing plies and pirouettes. Now I work in a Financial Aid Office at a University – and I feel your pain regarding the scale… sitting around in an office all day doesn’t do a body good! Good luck with the “Shape Up” goal! :)Thanks for playing the game – it was interesting to read!

    Jaime (Reply)
  • Am I too late to play? I love doing these things (though not as much as I love your website–and I’m not saying that to suck up, I promise).

    1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

    Ten years ago TODAY I was just over a month from my 16th birthday. I was taking driver’s ed classes. By this time we were in the driving portion of the class and there were three of us in the car: myself, my best friend since age 3, and another girl that we had both known since kindergarten. Our teacher was one of our favorites. He made us drive to all kinds of remote places that we didn’t recognize–showing us random landmarks and “sights” along the way–and made us listen to the oldies radio station. But we didn’t mind. We had a blast and my husband still tells me what a great driver I am. (By the way, that best friend? She’s coming to visit me next week. We’ve been best friends for 23 years!!!)

    2. What are 5 things on today’s to-do list??

    Catch up on monthly summaries for work. Eat a healthy lunch. Catch up on blog reading. Talk with my friend Jill about how VERY FAR I’ve come in my ability to deal with an unpleasant situation. Get all gussied up and go on a date with my husband.

    3. Snacks I enjoy–how fun!

    Strawberries dipped in hot fudge sauce. Apples with peanut butter (healthy or not, those are delicious, no?). Haagen-Dazs raspberry sorbet. Miniature York peppermint patties–these are less of a snack and more of a serious addiction, since I’ve been keeping them in my desk regularly for two or three months now and still have not tired of them. In fact, I’m a little concerned about it and am trying to cut back.

    4. Places I have lived:

    Lyons, Indiana
    Hanover, Indiana
    Springfield, Massachusetts
    Worcester, Massachusetts
    3 apartments in the SAME complex in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.

    5. What would I do if I were a billionaire? I love questions like this–so much fun.

    I would repay my student loans and pay off my car. My husband and I would buy land somewhere we love and build our dream house (which, surprisingly, is not very extravagant, with the exception of the very large and fabulous bathtub I would have put in). I would give a lot of money to both the churches I have attended and loved. I would rent out my favorite theme park for a day just for me and my friends and family (Holiday World being my favorite park–google it, you’d love it). I would still work because I like to be busy (but probably only part time), and I would take dance classes, because I love dance.

  • 1) What were you doing 10 years ago?

    Ten years ago I was nine years old!! i was most likely in a dance class because i was convinced i was going to be a ballerina but was (and still am) SERIOUSLY lacking in the grace department. im just a clumsy girl

    2. What are 5 things on your to-do list today?

    1. SPEND 12 hours at work!!!!! horrible right?
    2. decide what im cooking for dinner – im a veryyy hungry girl.
    3. actually try to sit down and finish the book im reading (angela’s ashes is the book btw)
    4. have some girl time with the little sister (seriously my best friend in the world) im a big cornball
    5. play with my baby Romeo (my teacup yorkie)

    3. Snacks you enjoy :

    This is soooo easy.
    1. Cherry Garcia ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s <- seriously heaven on earth.
    2. Butterfingers – when i was a kid i hated them now i eat them religiously
    3. i love veggies & ranch dip too which i guess is great

    4. Places you’ve lived:
    like 6 towns in new jersey INCLUDING an air force baseeeee (thanks dad – lol)!

    5. Things you’d do if you were a billionaire:

    BE A VERY LAZYYY, WORLD TRAVELED, RELAXEDDD VERSION OF MYSELF … i’d like to think thats all would change in my life .. im very happy right now — id also love to contribute to a charity that i believe in greatly.

    6. People you want to know more about:

    also very easy ..
    i would love to know more about my ancestors .. amelia earhart, she just seemed like the most self assured woman .. OHHHH! and definitely Grace Kelly — doesnt she just scream beauty?

    Jenny (Reply)
  • 1) What were you doing 10 years ago?
    actually,the same thing I’m doing now..same job,same husband,same dog,but new cat :)
    2. What are 5 things on your to-do list today?
    1.say thank you for another day 2.try to be nice to everyone
    3.if I can’t be nice,fake it 4.eat mexican tonight5.laundry
    3. Snacks you enjoy :salsa,guacamole&chips;butterfinger blizzard’s
    4. Places you’ve lived:born in the north,raised in the south
    5. Things you’d do if you were a billionaire:make sure no person or animal is homeless
    6. People you want to know more about: too late now,but I wish I had known my dad better


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