Zoya Erika, part XXVIII

Okay, you’re probably sick of hearing about the Erika nail polish from the Zoya Chitchat Collection, but someone recently pointed out that I never showed you the final product.

Zoya Chitchat Collection: Erika

Thanks to my beloved Nikon D50’s current state of broken-ness I’m using a crappy little Coolpix that doesn’t want to cooperate, hence the blurry photo.

What you don’t see in this photo is that Erika has a pretty gold undertone that sparkles in the sunlight. So pretty.

What do you think? Would you wear it?

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  • Heck yes we would! In fact, I searched all over Toronto until I found a salon that carried it!

    Holly (Reply)
  • in one word, YES!! i think that color would be perfect for summer. now if only i can find a lipstick that will give me that perfect shade of pink!

    elaine (Reply)
  • Oh it’s totally gorgeous! How many coats did you use – the color looks fantastic!

  • absolutely!!! i keep looking for a place around here that i can get it from.

    laura (Reply)
  • No, I would not wear it.

    fdsfa (Reply)
  • I want me some Erika…lol

  • That is a very pretty color! It looks good on you (as it should, since it is named for you!)! I would totally wear it. Now if only they made one that was called Claudia…

    claudia (Reply)
  • What a gorgeous color! It really beautiful on you!

  • Yes I would wear – it looks gorgeous!! Thanks for posting the final product – now I really want it!!

  • I think that’s the prettiest pink that’s on the market. Even without your Nikon, your photo looks like it captured the color perfectly.

  • Where in Toronto did you find Zoya ???

    Debi (Reply)

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