Madonna Hard Candy

Madonna Hard Candy

This woman is simply incredible. She’s like a real-life super hero.

She looks better on this cover than she did on Like a Virgin more than TWENTY years ago.

We got the scoop on how Shu Uemura artistic director Gina Brooke created this look for Madonna:

STEP 1: Prepare the face

Begin with prepping the eyes with the MOISTURE EYE ZONE MASK. This will not only calm puffiness but it will give your eyes the ultimate hydration. Then apply PHYTO BLACK LIFT FIRMING CREAM on the whole face – it’s an amazing moisturizer and also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Lastly, apply FACE ARCHITECT SMOOTHING FLUID FOUNDATION beginning at the arch of your brow down to the middle of your eye, directly onto the middle of the cheekbone. Each time the sun reflects off your skin, it will create the illusion of glowing, dewy, healthy, radiant skin!

STEP 2: Prime the eyelids

Using a KOLINSKY BRUSH 11, apply PRESSED EYE SHADOW in M BEIGE 800 above the eyelids. Then, use COVER CRAYON in 9YR LIGHT in the inner corner and water line of the eyes to make them appear larger. Using the DRAWING PENCIL in BLACK, begin at the inner corners extending the line out all the way to the end of the eyebrow.

STEP 3: Prep the lashes

Use the EYELASH CURLER before applying BASIC BLACK MASCARA beginning at the base and rolling the brush through the tips of lashes. Apply SOFT CROSS LASHES to draw attention and enhance the shape of the eye.

STEP 4: Finish off with the lips

Since the focus is on the eyes, use ROUGE UNLIMITED CRYSTAL SHINE in PK 301S layered with GLOSS UNLIMITED in BG 930N for a soft, natural look.

Now all we need is 4 steps to Madonna’s perfect bod and we’d be set for life.

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  • Not attractive!

  • Whether you like her look or not, you have to give her kudos for aging fantastically!

  • I think she looks amazing!

    HEIDI (Reply)
  • If she didn´t go to get facelifts and botox injections religiously, maybe you could actually call her “aging fantastically”..She has a great body, though. Even if she´s a little too muscular for my taste. ;o)
    Plus: do you really think this pic hasn´t been photoshopped until she looked like that???

  • Of course it’s been photoshopped to high heaven, but she’s still amazing. And yes, she did some weird stuff to her face recently, but after decades of eating right with hours of daily exercise, she clearly looks better than most 50 year olds!

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