Bobbi Brown Fragrance: Almost Bare

Bobbi Brown Almost Bare

Bobbi Brown’s newest fragrance, Almost Bare, is a delicious blend of Italian Bergamot and Violet leaves blended with Soft Muguet (huh?), Jasmine petals, soft cedar and warm amber.

While describing fragrance is not our strong point, we can tell you that this smells like our friend D’Anna—a smart and sassy blonde who likes to run marathons (for fun). We’ve been wearing this scent all week in hopes of being motivated to lace up our running shoes and hit the pavement.

Sadly, we’ve yet to go for a run, but not because our fat butt doesn’t need it. Instead, we sit here trying to catch up on the hundreds of emails in our inbox, smelling sweetly of Italian Bergamot and Violet leaves.

Bobbi Brown Almost Bare ($60) is available beginning June 2008 at Bobbi Brown counters nationwide and online at

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  • One of my newest fave scents. Love-love it!

  • Muguet is a fancy name for the Lily of the Valley.:)

    Slastena (Reply)
  • Thanks for letting me know, Slastena. I love Lily of the Valley 😉

  • I’ve heard great things about this fragrance and plan to try it. It sounds delicious. Great blog, by the way! I loved your Mother’s Day tributes.

  • (Did my comment get deleted? I thought I wrote this before…)

    If anyone was a fan of Banana Republic’s “W” scent (now discontinued), this new BB scent is the same exact fragrance.

    I loved “W”, so I’m happy to find a dupe for it :-)

    Christine (Reply)
  • Sounds delish, and I’m really gravitating towards cedar-type scents lately.

  • Hi Erika! Was wondering how this was but then saw it had Lily of the Valley in it. Such a great smelling flower!

  • Almost bare is pretty floral, fresh fragrance.
    it has violet, jasmin, and amber. I love it

    sonia (Reply)
  • Can’t wait to try that!

    Lisa (Reply)

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