Teen Corner: Um. Yeah.

Teen Corner


I’m not sure if anyone remembers me, but I’m Bree—-and this is supposed to be my Teen Corner. Hahaha!

I won’t bore you with the stupid little details of my boring (but busy!) life because the last thing you want to hear about is school, volleyball, babysitting, volleyball and more volleyball.

Also? Gossip Girl is back. Let there be peace on earth. (Gossip Girl is very time consuming, people. If you don’t hit rewind on your TiVo time and time again to analize Chuck’s facial expressions, you don’t know what you’re missing!)

On to the beauty.

This month I found two products that I can’t live without. The first seems kind of crazy, because I’ve seen it around the house for years, but I’ve never actually tried it: Aquaphor Healing Ointment .


Aquaphor is not very glamorous but for chapstick/lip balm addicts, it’s the best. The consistency is smooth like Vaseline, but stays on forever. It is especially amazing if you’re outside on a windy day or in a gym playing a sweaty game of volleyball.

The second is DuWop DoubleGlow7 , a product I never would have tried had my mom not insisted. I never imagined something so subtle could make such a difference, but a little of this on my cheekbones or eyelids and my face looks all glow-y and pretty. Why would I ever go without it again?

DuWop DoubleGlow7

Before I head off to cram for a test, I want to wish my littlest sister, Janey, a happy happy happy birthday. She turned SIX yesterday:

Janey�s birthday

(Here’s the birthday girl with two of her friends from kindergarten. If you can’t figure out which one is Janey, let me give you two hints: LIP. GLOSS.)

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  • yay, ur back! could u rite more often, cuz i luv ur columns! i luv gossip girl 2! can’t wait till 2moro’s. hope to read u again soon!

    anonymous (Reply)
  • Welcome back! Good luck on the test and happy birthday to Janey!! :-)

  • Awww.. she’s such a sweetie! Happy belated birthday, Janey!

  • I LOVE aquaphor. I keep a little tube on me at all times (one in my purse, my car, my bathroom…) my lips never get chapped anymore.

  • Welccome back! That pic of your sister & her little amigas is adorable,, Happy Birthday to her! I too am Gossip Girl obsessed and actually shrieked aloud when Georgina Sparks finally made her appearance. Never tried aquaphor, but now it’s deffo on my list.
    Great post!

    Ashley Samantha (Reply)
  • Sounds great! Your little sister is so cute! I’m so glad teen corner is back!! :]

    Maddie (Reply)
  • So cute girls.

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