MAC Naughty Nauticals

MAC Naughty Nauticals

Buoy-o-Buoy Creamy neutral pink brown (lustre)
Port Red Clean yellow red with gold pearl (frost)
Party Mate Sheer mid-tone pink (lustre)
Ahoy, there! Sheer light dirty pink with multi-dimensional pearl (glaze)
Suggested Retail Price: $14.0 U.S./$16.50 CDN

Hey Sailor Blue plum pink with white pearl flecks (lustre)
Love Knot Sheer pink with blue & white duo chrome (lustre)
Bateaux Neutral brown peach with white frost (lustre)
Ensign Peachy pink with white and gold pearl (lustre)
Suggested Retail Price: $14.00 U.S./$16.50 CDN

Small Eye Shadow
Shore Leave Pale frosty cream (veluxe pearl)
Illegal Cargo Mid-tone frosty grayed plum (frost)
Meet the Fleet Matte midnight blue (matte)
Pandamonium Frosty gunmetal with white pearl (lustre)
Submarine Mid-tone frosty clear blue (frost)
Suggested Retail Price: $14.00 U.S./$16.50 CDN

Lark About Sheer frosty white blue (frost)
Mutiny Clean sky blue with gold pearl (frost)
Bell-Bottom Blue Frosty blue with white pearl (frost)
Lovely Lily Dirty lilac with red pearl
Suggested Retail Price: $19.50 U.S./$23.50 CDN

Smoothblue Ocean blue with frost
Greyprint Rich pewter grey with frost
Suggested Retail Price: $13.50 U.S./$16.00 CDN

Pro Lash
Coal Black Honest-to-goodness-black
Suggested Retail Price: $11.00 U.S./$13.00 CDN

Nail Lacquer
Naughty Nauticals Dark royal blue (frost)
Shirelle Classic “she’s a dame” red (cream)
Suggested Retail Price: $10.00 U.S./$12.00 CDN

MAC Naughty Nauticals

MAC Naughty Nauticals collection is available beginning May 1st at MAC locations nationwide and online at

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  • I really like the looks of those colors! And I adore Lustreglass- this collection might be right up my alley :)

  • Yay!!! This is the first MAC launch I’ve been excited about since C-Shock.

    Teneasha (VB)

  • Illegal Cargo sounds fab!

    Julia (Reply)
  • This is the collection I am MOST excited about! Can’t wait.

    Lisa (Reply)
  • Finally, a more wearable collection from MAC.

  • heya,
    i love mac and this new collection looks amazing. and it is small so i can carry it anywhere. i am soo gunna buy my friend who is sitting right next to me one.
    cant wait to buy it…..
    love lucy

    lucy (Reply)
  • Hey,
    Just to say i love mac, and i think this collection is amazing.
    I bought my friend a mac lip gloss just like the ones above
    for her birthday, and she loved it. So i guess these are pretty cool as well.
    Well thanks, i think you’re blog is pretty amazing,
    love Alcioe.

    Alice (Reply)
  • I had to exercise restraint because I wanted everything from this collection.

    Lisa (Reply)
  • its very, very god!

    elisa kalil (Reply)

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