Jurlique Citrus Silk Finishing Powder

Jurlique Citrus Silk Finishing Powder

Last month we told you about our favorite Jurlique Citrus Hand Cream and now there’s another Jurlique product that keeps us awake at night: Citrus Silk Finishing Powder.

Our skin is kind of crazy in that it’s mostly normal to dry, but somehow manages to get oily in the t-zone. We never leave home without powder to tame our shiny reflection and this one by Jurlique is currently topping our list.

Citrus Silk Finishing Powder is a loose translucent facial powder with the same citrus scent as their hand cream. Light and refreshing, this powder helps to absorb excess oil to reduce shine without using color or clogging pores.

Jurlique Citrus Silk Finishing Powder is so amazing, we find ourself using it as a mid-day pick-me-up even if we’re not shiny.

If citrus isn’t your thing, this powder is also available in Rose and Lavender scents to respectively offer balancing and calming properties.

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  • I love their Lavender Silk Powder, will have to try this one as well!

    Lily x


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