Happy Earth Day!

In celebration of Earth Day, Physicians Formula is giving away 1,000 Organic Wear bronzers in order to help make our world a little greener with makeup that’s good for the earth.

Starting at 12pm Eastern, go to Physicians Formula (link won’t be live until then) and win yourself a free bronzer!

Earth Day with Physicians Formula

And don’t forget about the Total Beauty Totally Green Sweepstakes where you could win a Saturn Vue Hybrid filled with eco-beauty products!

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  • I had to scroll back and leave a comment for this post.

    As a daily reader way back a month ago, I saw this and said WOW Green friendly makeup – I must have it! So, I filled out the form and thought nothing more of it.

    Until TODAY!

    As I do daily on my way home from work, I checked the mailbox, and underneath a bill was a lovely envelope from Physicians Formula! YAY! Inside is a pretty coupon in the shape of a leaf offering me free makeup!

    So: Thanks for the post Erika! ^_^

    Holly (Reply)

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