Dealing with damage at Warren Tricomi

My 14-year-old daughter Bailey likes to wear her super long hair sleek and highlighted.

To achieve this look, she has managed to fry her hair beyond belief with bleach, a 450 degree straightening iron and a bad-ass attitude (if you are related to a 14-year-old girl or have come within a 200 foot radius of one in your lifetime, you know exactly the degree of BAD we’re talking about).

Bailey�s damaged hair

During our Spring Break trip to Los Angeles, we stopped in to the Warren Tricomi Salon to seek expert advice from salon principle and Redken creative consultant Kaz Amor. An internationally acclaimed colorist and celebrity favorite, Kaz didn’t mince words when it came to Bailey’s prognosis. “The hair will continue to break where it’s damaged,” he told us while carefully inspecting Bailey’s hair. “Ideally, we wouldn’t color this hair and let it grow out,” he laughed, “but then she wouldn’t be happy—this girl wants to be blonde!”

Kaz Amor and Bailey

While it’s not possible to fully repair hair that’s been over-processed and fried with styling tools, it is possible to keep the cuticle as smooth as possible by fortifying the strands with protein and minimizing heat damage. To give Bailey a new look without further damaging the broken strands, Kaz used a single process color to lighten her hair overall and warm up her face. He then added a little lightness around her face with pin-thin highlights at her hairline.

Bailey�s new hair

To keep her hair looking shiny and healthy, Kaz sent Bailey home with Kerastase Ciment Thermique, a heat-activated protectant for weakened hair (this stuff smells divine), and strict instructions to keep her straightening iron at less than 400 degrees.

And the bad attitude? Sadly, the Warren Tricomi Salon offers no help there, but they certainly make you look like a million bucks.

Kaz Amor can be found at the Warren Tricomi Salon in LA at (323) 651-4545.

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  • Bailey is gorgeous!!

  • what lipgloss is bailey wearing? its really pretty

  • also what iron does bailey use?

  • I just wanted to know if Bailey likes the Kerastase product they recommended for her (my hair is also very damaged from ironing and coloring, so i am curious to find out!)

    Erica (Reply)
  • haha im 14 year old too and i also feel the need to constantly straighten my already damaged hair. haha and the attitude thing, feel bad for my parents :) LOL
    oh and how does bailey like that Kerastase product ?!?

    jessica (Reply)
  • Oh wow–she is GORGEOUS! She has that natural Polynesian look. I love the caramelly locks.

    And um….I cannot believe you are even old enough to have a 14 year old daughter. Damn–beauty runs in your family FOR SURE!

    Lovely day to you.

  • This is truly amazing work!!
    I would like to know the review on the Kerastase Ciment Thermique for sure.


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