Teen Corner: The Hills

Teen Corner

It’s spring break and I’m in LA, baby!

The Hills

(from left: Bailey, me, Janey, my mom)

Yesterday we went on a tour into the Hollywood Hills and stalked the homes of people like Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt and Ryan Seacrest. It sounds lame, I know, but it was so much fun!

The best part of the tour was when we pulled up on the street behind Jimmy Kimmel Live and the Jonas Brothers just happened to be on stage performing. My five-year-old little sister went COMPLETELY NUTS. She is in love with the Jonas Brothers and I can’t even tell you how excited she was. Her little legs were shaking as I held her up (the bus was open on top) for a perfect view of Joe Jonas, whom she screamed "I love you!" to several times. Our super fun tour driver pulled over and let her watch the entire first song! Thankfully the other people on our tour didn’t mind waiting while Janey got her freak on (they found it quite hilarious, actually).

This afternoon, Bailey is getting her hair done at the Warren Tricomi Salon on Melrose Avenue while my mom interviews the stylist. Her hair is totally fried and disgusting, so I’m excited to see how it turns out.

Check back tomorrow for pictures and details on how to care for over-processed/damaged hair.



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  • yay teen corner is back!

  • Hi Bree! Last time you said you would post your look for Fafi Not so innocent. Can you please share with us what u are doing with this oh so cute MAC glaze lippie? Thanks!

    Susan (Reply)
  • Sounds like so much fun!!

    Maddie (Reply)
  • I was just wondering if you or your mom have any tips for applying eyeshadow and liner to people without a crease on the eyelids (also known as single-eye). And if you could tell me of a curler that is more on the straight side (when it is rounded it pinches my lashes and barely curls any lash… and I have pretty long lashes!) Thanks a bunch!

    P.S. The Jonas Brothers sing really badly… maybe your sister will grow out of them. :)

    Chelsie (Reply)
  • Touring and seeing star’s homes is not lame! I did that a few years ago when I went to California and it was awesome. If you took pictures though I suggest you label them right away. I never captioned mine and now I can’t remember what house belonged to what star haha.

    Lynn (Reply)
  • Bailey looks fab! Couldnt tell she has damaged hair :)

    tritawan (Reply)
  • What an adorable family!!!

  • awesome trip! how cute janey likes the jonas bros. although i cringe when i hear the song “i hate school” or soemthing to that effect. i know that’s how we all feel/felt, but it’s the principle that they aren’t putting across.. or have i just only heard the chorus LOL! can’t wait to see bailey’s hair and yes.. the fav of mine, not so innocent fotd! 😉

  • Hah I just saw that Jimmy Kimmel clip where he was talking about the Jonas Brothers an he didn’t know one of their ages and the whole crowd yelled “EIGHTEEN!!!” @ him, it was a cute moment for a trio of super cute boys.
    Enjoy your spring break! You all look fabulous.

    Ashley Samantha (Reply)
  • Awwww,really really cute picture !

    Another Awwww at your lil sister and her love of the Jonas brothers !

    Anna V (Reply)
  • You guys are such an adorable family. Little Janey is just too cute! Can’t wait to see Bailey’s new hair.

    Cheya (Reply)
  • When’s teen corner coming back?! I miss it!

    Molly (Reply)

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