Perfect Brows at Warren Tricomi Salon

A quick business trip to Los Angeles last week landed us at the Warren Tricomi Salon on Melrose Avenue in the chair of celebrity brow stylist Kristie Streicher.

Kristie Streicher, Warren Tricomi Salon

Photo: and Steven Simko

Even though our brows hadn’t seen the hands of a professional in over six months, Streicher graciously reached for the wax (more effective than tweezing in hairy situations like ours) and pretended all was well with the world.

She even custom blended a dye to help fill in our sparse areas, which she apparently does for 75% of her clients. Working three weeks a month in Los Angeles and one week in New York, Streicher has managed to train her clients to keep their tweezers off their brows between visits. “Don’t touch them for three weeks,” she told us. “When you pull them all at once, they’ll start to grow back in all at once. After a few visits, if you’re good and diligent, your brows will remain perfect between visits.”

We skipped out of there with perfectly groomed brows and a promise to trash our Tweezermans.

Kristie Streicher can be found at the Warren Tricomi Salons in New York (212-262-8899) and Los Angeles (323-651-4545).

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  • Hi there! Just wondering how much this service would set me back…? Thanks!

    Kelly (Reply)
  • Hi, I love your blog!

    I was wondering if you could insert my link on your site?


  • Omg. Eyebrows.
    The *day* before Janice and I flew into LA, I went and got threaded and apparently ‘Keep the shape, only catch the strays, and I don’t like thin brows’ is an ambiguous statement, because I wound up with these slashes across my face.
    I tell you all that because I was seriously staring at your brows at dinner Sunday night because they looked perfect.


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