Kai Body Butter

Kai Body Butter

I first fell for Kai Fragrance in a Nordstrom Spa in San Francisco about 5 years ago.

At the time I hadn’t yet heard of the fragrance that would soon become a mainstream favorite but I quickly purchased a tiny vial of Kai perfume oil and used it every time I needed a little Hawaiian getaway.

Last year, the cult-favorite fragrance brand launched a new must-have product: Kai Body Butter.

Listed as one of Oprah’s Favorite things, Kai Body Butter flies off shelves faster than they can replace it. The whipped souffle is a blend of shea butter with vitamins A, C and E and is infused with the original Kai perfume oil—an amazingly rich cream that leaves behind a gentle Kai scent all day long.

Kai Body Butter can be purchased at many retail outlets or online at luckyscent.com.

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  • I love Kai. I purchase it at a local boutique, which they have difficulty keeping on their shelves, and last month, while still under a foot of snow here and craving the smell of Kai, I Ugg’d through the snow to pick up the body butter. Of course, they had already sold out. So I bought the Kai candle. As I am writing, I have the candle burning. It’s as wonderful as the body butter. The boutique owner told me that after blowing out the candle, rub the wax on your nails.

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