How green is your makeup?

Physicians Formula Contest

Physicians Formula is giving away 1,000 FREE Organic Wear Blushes!

Starting tomorrow, March 26th at 12:00 Noon (Eastern standard time), visit Physicians Formula and enter to win a free Organic Wear Blush. The winners will receive an email with a printable coupon that they can bring to any participating Physicians Formula mass market and drugstore retailers to select their Organic Wear Blush shade – and will then walk out of the store with a free blush. How cool is that?!

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  • Oooh nice. I gotta try me that. :)

  • I’ve wanted to try their Organic line.

    HEIDI (Reply)
  • I love the concept of this makeup and the fact that it is organic as well as environmentally friendly. However, the concept might be great, but the execution isn’t. The blushes, which retail around $20 CDN (astronomically expensive for drugstore makeup) are not very good quality. They are not highly pigmented so on a dark skinned gal like me, the colour barely shows up. The texture is quite dry and dusty and not easy to work with. Lastly, the packaging is horrible and seems to be on its last legs, even though I’ve only had the blush for a week.
    Bottom line: if you’re fair skinned and willing to take a chance on this by all means, go ahead. But be warned :)

    swirly_whirl (Reply)
  • oooh wonder when it will come to australia! love your site.

  • It’s great!
    Swirly_whirl, It’s hard for me to believe that these products are so bad. Maybe they aren’t the best but they surely have a plus: this is organic and environmental friendly makeup!

  • About 80% of the make-up I own is by Physicans Formula. I love their line, everything feels light on your skin and looks clean and natural on you. Just be careful of where you buy it, the prices can get pretty high. If you catch a CVS at the right time, they have 40% off + a free gift at least one week a month for PF.

    ashes (Reply)

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