Bond No. 9 Park Avenue

Yesterday we mentioned our vow to become more intimate with fragrance this year.

We find scents to be so complex—provocative, fickle, glorious—and so hard to describe in mere sentences. When it comes to fragrance, we have so much to learn.

Bond No. 9 Park Avenue

As we began sorting through samples last month, looking for interesting scents and testing them on our skin, we could not keep our nose away from Bond No. 9 Park Avenue. Within four days our sample was gone (we applied it constantly—could not get enough) and now the empty vial sits open on our desk in hopes that gentle wafts of chamomile will make their way to our nose.

In addition to chamomile, Park Avenue also contains paperwhite and vanilla. A compassionate scent that lifts our spirits gently and promises us brighter days are ahead.

Bond No. 9 is a New York perfumery with fragrances that represent specific uptown, midtown or downtown locale or a city-wide sensibility. This month they’re launching Andy Warhol Union Square, the second in Bond’s Warhol series made in collaboration with The Warhol Foundation.

Bond No. 9 Park Avenue is available at the four Bond No. 9 New York boutiques, Saks Fifth Avenue and online at

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  • Since you’re into this whole new perfume update thing, could you possibly review Burberry’s new perfume, The Beat? I’ve been dying to try it, but have refrained from doing so due to the price :] but since I know you’re a huge makeup junkie you probably couldn’t resist the yumminess of this perfume :]

    christina (Reply)
  • I found Park Avenue to be very sweet and powdery, like candied violets. It would make an excellent perfume for spring!

    Mahgwet (Reply)
  • I love Park Avenue! I think it’s my favorite out of all Bond No. 9’s scents. I gave a bottle of it to my mom for Christmas and she loved it too!


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