Teen Corner: MAC N Collection

Teen Corner

Bree wearing MAC N Collection

The new MAC N Collection makes one heck of a chocolatey eye. Add 2N lipstick (a creamy light pink) and a little bit of sass for a look the boys can’t deny. HAHAHA!

For my eyes, I first used my finger to apply Soft Ochre Paint Pot over the entire lid. Paint Pots make a great eyeshadow base and Soft Ochre is a light beige color that works with almost everything. Next, I lined my eyes in Brownborder Technakohl liner and gently shaded Dark Edge Eyeshadow over the top. Applying shadow over my eyeliner gives it a smudgy effect that adds instant specialness and makes it last forever.

Finally, I added my pale lipstick (2N) and—ta da!! Ready to kill it!

In other news, my sister Bailey went to Winterball last weekend (even though she’s grounded—go figure!) and managed to get ready ALL BY HERSELF. This is huge because Bailey has never accomplished such a feat before (our mom always helps us get ready for dances but this time she was away at New York Fashion Week). Anyway, Bailey’s crimped hair looked super cute:

Bailey and Jake

(If you’re wondering why her date has his eyes blacked out, it’s because this article ran in our local paper last weekend (along with a super-sized photo of me and my mom)—which means people are reading this site that never used to—and I didn’t get Jake’s permission to exploit him on the internet. Ha!)

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  • That’s a great article! I’m intrigued by the MAC N Collection myself but haven’t had a chance to really check any of it out.

  • Haha, well, everyone needs to learn to apply their own makeup sometime in their life 😛 Love your look, btw

  • And that’s so cool your site got featured in a newspaper! You guys are really gonna get a lot of visitors now. :3


    HEIDI (Reply)
  • You’re so pretty, but you ALWAYS do this smokey eye / nude lip. People of your coloring (not sterotyping) opt for this same exact look! Your mom’s a makeup blogger! come on, switch it up. As gorgeous as this look is – it’s typical and your default everyday look

    -Rose / Plum lips (yes you can pull them off!): Dior rose perspective lips
    -emarald eyeliner – Urban Decay covet
    -royal blue eyeliner – Urban Decay deviant
    -teal eyeliner – L’Oreal HIP creme teal eyeliner

    This is just too musch for every day ALL the time. You’re gorgeous, try a natural look (NO smokey eyes!)

    love ya’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    mary (Reply)
  • Awesome article! Your blog deserves all the attention because it’s entertaining to read and help us discover great new products which leads to a more beautiful me :)
    It’d be great if you would do like a makeup tutorial because your makeup looks amazing. Thanks!

    Kristen (Reply)

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