More Chanel Beauté on the red carpet

It’s not surprising to hear that some of the best looks of Oscar night were created by Chanel Beauté.

Penelope Cruz at the Oscars

Our second favorite look of the night (behind Jennifer Garner) is Penelope Cruz. Her makeup was created by Rachel Goodwin for Chanel. Rachel gave Penelope a stunning, dramatic look on the red carpet. She created a navy cat eye by lining the eyes with PRECISION EYE DEFINER in BLUE JEAN, then smudged the navy shadow from QUADRA EYESHADOW in BLEU CELESTE on top of the liner, giving her a deep blue almond shaped eye. She used TEINT INNOCENCE foundation in SOFT HONEY on her skin, and gave her complexion a matte, velvet finish with POUDRE CRISTALLINE ULTRA-FINE TRANSLUCENT POWDER. Rachel applied a new ROUGE ALLURE shade, NAÏVE, to Penelope’s lips for a pinkish nude lip.

Nicole Kidman at the Oscars

Nicole Kidman never fails to enthrall us on the red carpet. She’s always beyond perfect and this year is no exception. Chanel makeup artist Angela Levin created Nicole’s flawless look by using deep, rich shades to give her a dramatic, smoky eye. To achieve this look she brushed SOFT TOUCH EYESHADOW in SILVERY and EBONY on the lids. She then lined the eyes with INTENSE EYE PENCIL in GRAPHITE and NOIR to make them stand out. As always, Angela used her favorite CHANEL product, INIMITABLE MASCARA in NOIR-BLACK. She finished the look with a pale, natural pink lip; ROUGE ALLURE in DARLING.

Katherine Heigl at the Oscars

We’re not thrilled about Katherine Heigl‘s hair, but her dress and makeup are amazing. Chanel makeup artist Monika Blunder gave Katherine a bold, bright, poppy hued mouth with AQUALUMIERE GLOSS in PARTY RED, a new gloss formula from CHANEL launching in May, flown in from Paris for the Oscar red carpet. She applied SHEER BRILLIANCE in SUNKISSED to give Katherine’s complexion a subtle, bronze glow. On her cheeks, Monika used POWDER BLUSH in HORIZON, a warm coral shade. She created a defined eye with INTENSE EYE PENCIL in AMBRE, and applied beige and brown shadows from QUADRA EYE SHADOW in DUNES to the lids. Finally, Monika added a touch of glamour to the eyes with INIMITABLE MASCARA in NOIR-BLACK.

Marion Cotillard at the Oscars

To give Marion Cotillard a refined, ethereal look, Chanel makeup artist Angela Levin used the copper and pink-gold shadows from the MULTI-USE MAKEUP PALETTE in LUMIERE NATURELLE on her lids. She applied SHEER BRILLIANCE in SUNKISSED to Marion’s skin, giving her complexion a sheer sun-kissed glow. On her cheeks, Angela brushed on POWDER BLUSH in NARCISSE, a pale delicate pink. She finished the look with AQUALUMIERE SHEER COLOUR LIPSHINE in SOMOA, a copper-rose shade.

Thank you to Chanel for the inside scoop on these incredible looks.

photo credits: wire image

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  • Hello! Jennifer and Penelope Cruz look absolutely gorgeous!!! Any idea what blush they were wearing?

    Lisa Goh (Reply)
  • Katherine Heigle is to die for! She is so beautiful, she is one of my beauty goddesses!

    Holly (Reply)
  • I don´t like Marion makeup at all. I don´t think that this dark color lipstick suits with a fair skin tone.
    I love Katherine Heigl’s makeup!!

    Sash (Reply)
  • I loved Marion’s makeup the most of anyone, I think it was feminine and fair skinned girls need a little more color. I know I cannot wear a beige lip, I look washed out with it. Amy Adams dress was my favorite btw. :)

    Rebecca (Reply)
  • Loved Penelope Cruz’s makeup and dress, one of the best.
    Katherine Heigl makeup looked really bad in the close-up pictures I saw. It was caked on and made her pores seem enormous.

    Lila (Reply)
  • I love Marion’s makeup! Where can I find this Somoa Chanel lipstick? It is lovely!

    Bethany (Reply)
  • Thanks for posting about penelope’s look, it’s so pretty…but i have a question, i see that there is a lot of eyeliner on the inner rims of her eyes, and that the makeup artist put powder eyeshadow over the eye liner……but how can they do that to the inner rims? wouldn’t the powder from the eyeshadow end up in the eyes and causing some major irritation? I would LOVE to recreate this look, but I am having a hard time understanding how eyeshadow was put (what brush too!!) on the inner rims……oh well, anyone have any ideas????

    mcnals (Reply)
  • they shoulda got nicole some intensive optrex!

    ally (Reply)
  • I was HOPING you guys would do a beauty breakdown — and you did not disappoint! xoxoxoxo Keep the beauty breakdowns coming !! Love, Carolina

    Carolina (Reply)
  • penelope wasnt wearing a blush.. its just a little bronzer for definition

    chanel worker :) (Reply)

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