How much does Perez Hilton love MAC?

Perez Hilton and Erika

Stop blinking and rubbing your eyes. You’re not seeing things.

That really is PEREZ HILTON hanging out with me at the MAC booth here at New York Fashion Week!

Thanks to my amazing friends at MAC Cosmetics, I sat down with the Queen of All Media yesterday and discussed his favorite MAC products, how he’s getting himself in shape, and who he thinks the next Viva Glam spokesperson should be.

Perez Hilton at the NY Fashion Week MAC booth

The purple-haired hottie was super sweet and friendly and playfully suggested a new face for the Viva Glam lipstick campaign. “I love MAC,” he said laughing, “I told them they should make me the next Viva Glam spokesperson.”

He’s even making an effort to take better care of himself. Not only is he eating better and thinking of starting an exercise program (baby steps, people) but he’s trying to take care of his skin. Of his favorite MAC products, he named “wipeys” and Charged Water—and explained his simple yet effective skincare routine, “I clean with a wipey, then spray, and…done!”

Chatting with the internet superstar has been the highlight of my fashion week experience so far.

Check back later today for more on Perez Hilton and other tales from fashion week!

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  • This guy is such a tool.

  • I agree – I won’t look at his blog for any reason. Erika, you’re infinitely more cool than he who will not be named.

    Abbey (Reply)
  • That’s awesome! How fun :)

  • Yeah, sorry, but I can’t stand Perez Hilton. He makes the most misogynistic, insulting comments about female celebrities on his site, especially in regards to their looks, which is pretty ironic considering what he looks like.

    Theresa (Reply)
  • haha perez hilton. thats just so funny to see you with him.

  • I think it’s awesome you met him! Did he say anything catty about anyone!?!

    Lisa (Reply)
  • How great! Looks like fun!

    HEIDI (Reply)
  • oh not him, yuck

    ally (Reply)

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