Chanel Sublimage SERUM

It’s no secret that my heart belongs to Chanel Sublimage Essential Regenerating Cream. I named it as my top product of 2007 and remain completely enamored with its ability to transform my skin.

Now, dear Makeup Bag readers, my favorite anti-aging cream has a partner in crime: SUBLIMAGE SERUM Essential Regenerating Concentrate.

Chanel Sublimage Serum

With two times the Planifolia PFA of the cream along with the ultra-rich Planifolia concentrated water, this powerful serum delivers serious anti-aging benefits. Paired with the Sublimage Essential Regenerating Cream, my skin is beyond rejuvenized.

However, let me warn you, one must be serious about their anti-aging regimen to consider this product. At $385 per ounce, it’s no bargain. (Unless, of course, you’re married to a tycoon or are willing to pay any price for radiant, youthful, even toned skin.)

CHANEL SUBLIMAGE SERUM Essential Regenerating Concentrate is currently available at select department stores and online at

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  • I’m trying to be good. Really good, but I don’t think it’s going to work. I keep repeating “I will be strong, I will be strong. I will not let this serum get the best of me.” But, I don’t know Erika. It’s calling out “Julia, you need me. You know you need me.”

  • The Sublimage serum and the cream are absolutely authentically fantastic! I can’t believe the improvement in my skin! It is both tight and supple and the lines around my eyes are gone. The vertical indentation that used to be embedded in my forehead….gone! My skin is tauter, rosier, more porcelein-like and I have an olive with a lot of pink complexion. Chanel Sublimage is the real thing: it works beyond what you thought possible. People say I look about 8 years younger! The serum lasted me 6 months and the serum and the cream together are magical and will truly beautify your skin! There is NO hype here; it really works!

    Mary (Reply)
  • Well I just got it…lets see how it will work…

    Raquel (Reply)
  • After yet another birthday, I have used the orginal formula Sublimage cream and eye cream for almost 2 years. The cream typically lasts me 6 months when used day/night. I have added the mask 3 x per week and leave it on over night. The price is hefty – but it works better than anything I have ever tried. So far I have lived on serum samples but I know I will buy it too – soon, maybe. The results are so visible – texture, colour, firmness and lift that I cut corners elsewhere. Unlike some products, Sublimage does not “hurt or melt” when getting getting heated up in the gym – and that is a real bonus as I do walk marathons (adding Chanel sunscreen).

    Ingrid (Reply)
  • Oh my. I was just given a sample of this last week and am now fighting the urge to buy it. I’ve used Obagi for a year, which is also not inexpensive, but the Serum is noticeably more effective. My husband looked at me last night and said he could see the difference. Now that’s something! I know that my budget is going to lose this battle…

    April (Reply)
  • Hello girls,

    How often do you use the serum? Recently I started but not sure on how often to use, only nights, day and night, please help me out! Do you guys put any moisturizer on top of the serum.

    Rietje (Reply)

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