Bobbi Brown Spring 2008: Nude Collection

Bobbi Brown Spring 2008: Nudes

The Bobbi Brown Pink Raspberry Palette has been our “it” item all winter. However, by the looks of this New Nude Lip & Eye Palette from the Bobbi Brown Spring 2008 Nude Collection, her days just might be numbered.

Bobbi Brown Spring 2008: Nude Collection

This gorgeous Nude Lip & Eye Palette includes:

  • New, Exclusive Buff Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow
  • New, Exclusive Nude Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow
  • New, Exclusive Bare Eye Shadow
  • New, Exclusive Naked Eye Shadow
  • New, Exclusive Bare Lip Color
  • Beige Lip Color
  • Brownie Pink Lip Color
  • Cocoa Lip Color

Also in this collection is four New Glitter Lip Gloss shades:

  • Almost Bare
  • Nude
  • Naked
  • Buff

The Bobbi Brown Spring 2008 Nude Collection is currently available online at

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  • Wow. Looks great on the model. As a brown-skinned woman it is refreshing to see a new beauty product come out to such rave reviews that actually happens to be perfect for my skin tone too.

  • Sorry, I hate nude colors and this massive N Collections, Spring nudes &c lauches are so boring. Spring is all about color and life. No more unelegant corpse faces, please.

    Hipona (Reply)
  • I am so excited about this palette! I love having everything together in 1 place and it looks like the colours might actually work for my PPP complexion!

    Hanneri (Reply)
  • Beautiful – now if we can our 40 year old skin to glow like the models all would be right with our world.

    Monica (Reply)
  • Wow! these shades are just awesome. and the woman’s eye-colours are really captivating.what might make the product sell is the colour of the pallete thats just right.



  • Hi, i’m a big fan of your website! =) I just wanna say I recently purchased this BB palette, the eyeshadow colors look a bit darker and warmer in tones than what they’ve shown in the photographs! All the colors look absolutely gorgeous! can’t wait to try!

    Adelaide (Reply)

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