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Teen Corner

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been so long.

How’ve you been?!

I am feeling fierce these days. Here’s why:

CoverGirl Lash Blast


CoverGirl’s newest mascara is rocking my world. I usually don’t try mascaras that aren’t waterproof because—like my "the dog ate my homework" excuses—they never seem to work.CoverGirl Lash Blast

Funny thing about LashBlast is that I actually thought it was waterproof.

A few weeks ago, I spotted the orange tube in my mom’s Makeup Bag which set off a few sirens in my head because 1) I’d seen the Drew Barrymore LashBlast commercials and was dying to try it, and 2) when my mom doesn’t immediately tell me about a new beauty product she’s trying it means only one thing: SHE’S HIDING IT FROM ME!

Of course, I had to assume the LashBlast was waterproof because my mother would have no need to hide it if it wasn’t. (Just so you know, she hides her spearmint Orbit from us, too!)

The brush on this mascara is the chubbiest ever, with TONS of teensy little plastic bristles. At first glance I thought I would hate it, but I soooo do not. Somehow, this chubby orange mascara makes my lashes thicker and darker and longer than any other mascara I’ve used.

Which is why I was shocked to find out the tube we have isn’t waterproof— it doesn’t smudge or smear or flake AT ALL. For someone who wears contacts, this is huge.

The thing that sucks is that I can’t buy it anywhere—it’s completely sold out of every drugstore near my house.

This means that between me, my mom and my sister (it didn’t take Bailey long to catch on) we play musical chairs with the LashBlast every morning. Bailey even yelled at me this morning for applying an extra coat that she felt I wasn’t entitled to. The nerve!

If you find one of these chubby orange tubes in the CoverGirl aisle of your local drugstore, do yourself a favor and pick one (or twenty seven) up. You won’t regret it.

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  • thanks bree!! ur section is my fave ! im going to have to try this!! sadly ill have to buy it on ebay lol as i live in the UK!!

    Sophie (Reply)
  • That’s so funny, I saw it in WalMart the other day and snatched it up (a shipment, obviously had just come in). It’s been sold out around here too as of late and I’ve been dying to try it. Only thing is, it’s not so great for those midday naps us college student are so wont to take. Other than that, it IS amazing.

    Ashley Samantha (Reply)
  • I have to agree with you on this one! This is the first mascara that I’ve been truly excited about in a long time. It makes my lashes so long, dark & thick. I’ve been telling everyone. Love your column, btw :)

    Trisha (Reply)
  • I have this as well and think that it is far better than most high end mascaras. People, do not spend $20 or $30 on mascara anymore! Not with choices like LashBlast in drugstores!

    Nevin (Reply)
  • lol I knew this was getting popular fast! There are plenty at my local stores, but once more women find out about it they will be gone too.

    Rebecca (Reply)
  • Welcome back! I’ve been looking for this mascara everywhere in NYC and I finally found it online on drugstore.com. It’s amazing!

    Perry (Reply)
  • bought it!! yay it should be here within a couple of weeks as i got cheapy shipping as im not paying $15 for 6-10day shipping lol for a $4 dollar mascara haha.

    Sophie (Reply)
  • I really wanted to like this because it went on nicely and looked great. but for some reason it flaked off in my eyes, every time I wore it. maybe I got a bad tube, because I love their lash exact and volume exact, and those dont flake off on me.

    lauren (Reply)
  • Oh! An addendum. There was some tubes of lash blast in-stock in WalMart the other day, so of course my friends and I went to stare (like we do when something rare pops up) and I noticed 2 or 3 tubes left that instead of the silver band, had a *blue* band.
    “Wow, what’s the blue mean?” – me
    “Duh! It’s waterproof.” – my friend

    So maybe you do have a waterproof tube? Shrug. I thought it was an interesting little anecdote.

    Ashley Samantha (Reply)
  • This mascara is great! it doesn’t clump or flake, but it didn’t plump my lashes much, or like i though it would.

    Maddie (Reply)
  • okay; i bought lashblast in the beginning of january [it was on sale for half off] in wallgreens and i had a party to go to that same night so i put it on. the brush is incredible and it NVR clumps for me. i thought Great Lash by maybelline was the best but lashblast totally is the best. i hope they keep this mascara for a while.

    makeup-teen (Reply)
  • First of all, lemme say I Ah-DORE your column

  • AHHHHHHHH! It cut off my comment :[[[

    Well, to REPEAT what I had written before:

    Waterproof mascara tends to go flaky on me. I used to use Covergirl’s Lashexact, but now I use regular Revlon 3D Extreme. It works awesomely for me

  • Third: When you want to transfer eyeshadow from a very bulky makeup kit to a palette, do you do it the say way you’d press pigments? Please n thankyou :]

    Keep rocking the column!


    P.s. Please check out my LJ! I’ll make sure to mention you, since your makeup advice rocks =D

  • Hi! Love ur column!!

    I wanna ask if this Lash Blast is really to die for? Cos i juz purchased Great Lash over on ebay (Covergirl n some other Maybelline products r not available in Singapore) n the thing is, eventho I like it.. I am not raving so much abt it.

    I am looking for something like Estee Lauder’s MagnaScopic Mascara but at drugstore price. I cant afford high-end mascaras (everything in Singapore is getting more n more expensive!)

    Wud greatly appreciate ur help!!!

  • I tried Lashblast, and i really wanted to like it, but it just clumped up for me. Maybe it’s just me or the TWO bottles i bought, but i didn’t work for me at all. I stick by the theory that department store mascara is MUCH better, and now use only Clinique and Diorshow Blackout.

    Martha (Reply)

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