Space.NK Energising Shower Gel

Space NK Energising Shower Gel

We can’t get enough of this Energising Shower Gel by our new favorite apothecary, Space.NK.

Packed with fragrant essential oils, this body wash works up a nice lather and leaves our skin soft, supple and beyond hydrated. We’re pretty sure this will replace our favorite wintertime shower oil because of the lathering quality and the travel-friendly container. (We’ve dropped and broken our L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil container TWICE while travelling.)

We have not yet tried the Relaxing Shower Gel or the De-Stress Shower Gel, but we’re headed back to New York this month and we won’t be returning home without ridiculous amounts of this stuff.

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  • my almond shower oil broke while traveling too! and the weird thing was the spilled part turned into a sort of jelly, like thick vaseline… all over my other bottles of shampoo and scrubs. ew!

    kamo (Reply)
  • I just had an opportunity to try their body lotion in enrapture and it is delicious – smooth, lovely skin that smells divine. What more could you want? Santa to drop a stash down the chimney!

    Monica (Reply)
  • hi!
    just wanted to let you guys know about a new fun offer from L’Occitnae. When you spend $45 or more on any of their products they give you a FREE subscription to either Allure or Conde Nast Traveler Magazines…take advantage because it only lasts until Feb 26th!

    ilovebeauty (Reply)

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