Pink Raspberry, Part II

Earlier this month we gave you a sneak peek at Bobbi Brown’s Pink Raspberry spring color collection.

Bobbi Brown Pink Raspberry Collection

Now that we’ve had an opportunity to sample the collection, we’re not sure we’ll need anything else for the entire season.

The neutral Pink Raspberry Face Palette centers around the Pink Raspberry Blush—clearly the star of the collection—and offers just enough “pop” to wake up our simple-but-boring everyday look. (Palette also includes Eye Shadows in Navajo and Fog and Lip Sheers in Raspberry and Blue Raspberry.)Erika wearing Bobbi Brown Pink Raspberry color collection

The new Bobbi Brown Lip Crayon is smooth and easy to apply and is longer lasting than we expected—both Pink Raspberry and Wild Raspberry are ultra-flattering on our complexion—but the sleeper hit here at Makeup Bag is the Pink Raspberry Glitter Lip Gloss.

We have never been a fan of the applicator brush on Bobbi Brown’s lip gloss but the brush on this new Pink Raspberry Glitter Lip Gloss seems shorter and less rigid than we remember. The gloss itself is the glossiest, palest pink with flecks of iridescence to make our heart go wild. Paired with a newly tolerable applicator, this will surely be our favorite lipstick-topping gloss of the season.

*Image right: Erika is wearing Navajo and Fog Eye Shadows, Pink Raspberry Blush, Pink Raspberry Lip Crayon and Pink Raspberry Glitter Gloss.

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  • Oh my! I can’t wait till this one gets here! Thanks for the review.

  • It looks very pretty on you.

  • That looks very fresh, I’m gonna have to go check them out now..

  • that looks so pretty on you. navajo eyeshadow is great, I have it in that metallics palette from the summer

    mcnals (Reply)
  • You look gorgeous! Two and a half questions:
    1. Is the blush only available in the palette or can you get it separately?
    2. Are you wearing the lip crayon with the gloss on top? (Did you use a lip primer too?)

    sweety_heart (Reply)
  • Sweety-heart, as far as I know, the colors are exclusive to the palette. I am wearing the lip crayon with the gloss over and no primer (although I always put on a little Kiehl’s #1 before any lip color or gloss).


  • So much for my New Year’s Resolution on cutting back on all of my make-up purchases….I’m hightailing it to the nearest Bobbi Brown counter for this! It looks absolutely stunning on you.

  • That color looks great on you!

  • Thanks for the picture! You look great and its always nice to see “real” people wearing the colors. Happy New Year!

    Emily (Reply)
  • Looks great Erika!! Very pretty look…

  • looks beautiful on you!

    i caved and bought also the black raspberry lip sheer along with the pink raspberry glitter lip gloss…both look beautiful layered together!

  • As a child nothing pleased me more than a new box of crayons. I couldn’t wait to open it and find the parade of colors, each crayon pristine with slightly rounded tip. I simply loved to color….and I still do with Bobbi Brown’s Lip Crayons.
    Someone once said you can’t separate the men from their toys and you most definitely can’t separate this woman from these Crayons! They are the ultimate and each comes with a sharpener designed to restore it to newness. With the consistency of lipstick – soft and creamy – and the application accuracy of a pencil, they are the greatest boon for women since we bit our lips for color.
    The shades offered are typically Bobbi – natural, flattering, ranging from Naked Pink, a delicate rose to Pink Raspberry, fresh and delicious (my current favorite) to Sugar Blush, a deeper tone that I love for evenings and when I’ve had a bit of the sun. These shades may be worn alone or with the gloss of your choice.
    Didn’t I say I loved to color? At an early age I found that blending those crayon colors, created unique shades that were my very own. Same is true today, blending Bobbi’s crayon shades results in my personal palette. I’ve also lined with one crayon and filled in with another – try it with Naked Pink and Pink Raspberry!
    – Gail Cooke

    Gail Cooke (Reply)

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