Makeup Bag loves Matrix

Before hopping on a plane to head home on Wednesday, we stopped by the Royalton Hotel in NYC to say hello to our friends at Matrix.

Matrix Holiday Event

They had a gorgeous penthouse suite displaying products for every possible hair concern—truly a beauty blogger’s heaven. (Which is probably why we ran into two of our beauty-blogging friends there: Tia—who we should have totally gotten a photo of because this girl is not only an exceptional writer, she’s insanely gorgeous (no, really—we’ve seen her three times in the last week and the girl is utter perfection), and the equally fab India-Jewel who always has the insider scoop and makes the most amazing videos during fashion week.)

Matrix Vavoom

Matrix Biolage Hydrating SystemeWe’ve told you before how much we love Vavoom products, and the new Amplify volumizing products are our must-have styling essentials of the moment—but there’s something so familiar, so lovely about good ‘ol Biolage.

The signature scent of Biolage always puts us in a good mood and the moisturizing properties of Biolage Hydrating Systeme puts our hair in a good mood. The Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioning Balm nourish dry, over-stressed hair leaving it shiny and soft.

And now, Biolage has a new product range coming out next month (January 2008) called Biolage scalpthérapie Cooling Mint. This minty fresh shampoo and conditioner awakens the senses while treating and nourishing the scalp.

Typically minty shampoos are too harsh for us, but this one has a subtle, gentle scent that is truly divine—not harsh at all—and leaves our hair sqeaky clean and fresh.

Biolage scalptherapie Cooling Mint

Matrix Holiday Event

Look for these Matrix products at a salon near you or online at Matrix. com.

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  • The new line is meant for oily hair/scalps. Sleek look is my Matrix fav, come check out my blog for their hair gloss, which is the best ever!

  • Hey- I’m starting a blog (don’t laugh at it, I just started it so it’s a work in progress, but yeah…) and I just wanted to know if you have any advice?? I was inspired by your daughter’s teen corner!

  • do you get sponsered by these brands?

    ally (Reply)
  • Mikaela & C, I’ll check out your blogs!

    Ally– The only sponsors I have are the advertisers in the far right column. I do not accept any compensation for editorial. If I’m writing about something, it’s because I love it—not because I’m getting paid.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Kay, thanks!

  • no teen corner???? its beeen two weeks, its my fave segment!

    sophie (Reply)
  • I have Matrix wet/dry foundation from 5-6 years ago. Do they still make it? I’d like to order more….


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