Lisa Hoffman fragrance oils

The beauty department at Bergdorf Goodman is insane.

It’s pretty much the only department in the store I step foot in (not because I don’t want to—it’s just a little overwhelming to peruse cashmere sweaters that cost more than my monthly mortgage payment).

Shopping in the Bergdorf beauty department is an experience that every beauty product junkie should enjoy at least once in her life—the decor is beyond gorgeous, the service is exceptional, and there’s an affordable item for every price point. What more could you ask for?


No worries, they’ve got that covered too.

Recently I was at the Prescriptives counter (my favorite Bergdorf hangout) with Julia and one of our readers, Tara (Hi Tara!), when I spied Dustin Hoffman across the room.

Julia and Tara with Jason at Prescriptives

Julia was stocking up on a year’s supply of Tint Balm and Tara was busy consulting with Jason—both of them clearly too engrossed to be bothered by a celebrity—so I headed over, alone, to find out why Tootsie was hanging out in the Bergdorf beauty department on a Friday night.

As I made my way over to the crowd forming around Dustin Hoffman, an amazing fragrance wafting up from a free-standing table display stopped me dead in my tracks.

Before I knew what was happening, I fell head over heels and into the arms of Lisa Hoffman Variations Tunisian Neroli fragrance oils (shown in the red pouch below).

Lisa Hoffman Variations Fragrances

With four variations of the same fragrance (morning, daytime, evening and bedtime) your scent can change along with your mood throughout the day. Initially, I only wanted to purchase the daytime version of Tunisian Neroli, as it was the most captivating to me, but Lisa herself explained to me that our nose would find the other versions of the scent equally appealing if applied at the time of day they were created for.

Erika and Lisa Hoffman

Erika with Lisa Hoffman

Since the fragrance oils are not sold individually, and there was no way I could live without this enchanting scent, I purchased the set for $150 and walked away a very happy woman.

Each variation of this scent is perfect and now that I’ve had an opportunity to wear them at the appropriate times, I love them all equally.

Lisa Hoffman Variations also comes in French Clary Sage and Tuscan Fig.

PS- We never did get to meet Dustin Hoffman but, honestly, meeting his wife was way more exciting!

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    HEIDI (Reply)
  • Hi Erika! Hope all is well. Lovin’ your blog (and wearing Tom Ford everyday!!!) Have a fabulous (and pretty) holiday season!

    Tara (Reply)

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