James Brown London haircare

James Brown London Haircare

For the last month or so, we’ve been sampling the new haircare range by James Brown London.

Inspired by Kate Moss, Brown created an entire line of hair products as effortless and cool as his own hairstyling techniques. With more British Vogue cover credits under his belt than any other hairdresser, Brown clearly knows what it takes to make hair perform.

We love how the bottles have great packaging with easy-open tops, and the scent is slightly masculine (enough so that our husband reaches for this more often than we do!).

James Brown London Haircare

We’ve been using the Dry Hair Shampoo & Conditioner which gives our hair extra shine. Instead of shampooing twice, as most brands suggest, Brown recommends leaving shampoo on for two minutes before rinsing, allowing the product to breakdown dirt and penetrate the hair shaft. Try this technique, it really works!

In addition to the Dry Hair products, the line offers shampoo and conditioner for combination, chemically treated, and fine hair concerns, as well as an assortment of styling products.

The sixteen James Brown London products are available online at boots.com.

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  • Boots is so fun, it was my “Walgreens-type” hangout in the UK!

  • That shampoo tip is a great one! Thanks bunches~

  • I love this shampoo and conditioner, I brought it just over a week ago and have really thick hair and most shampoos which say they stop greasy roots are really drying and make my hair sticky as well…. but this is great! I had seen this a few weeks back in boots on 3 for 2 and loved the packaging and it smelt lovely, but i had just brought shampoo so thought I’d wait until I’d run out before getting the James Brown stuff.

    I finally got the James Brown Shampoo, Conditioner and Heat Protector and its the best shampoo i’ve ever used so far and i can go for about 3 days without my hair going greasy (although i usually wash it every 2 days but in an emergency you can skip a day) I love the smell to and its really easy to use. I do seem to use more conditioner than shampoo (which is very strange as its usually the other way round)

    I love this stuff!!!!! and its cheaper than most designer brands

    Sara (Reply)

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