It’s MEGAN!!

Have y’all seen the January Elle with Victoria Beckham on the cover?

Elle January Cover with Victoria Beckham

Turn to page 115 and see Makeup Bag reader Megan’s inspiring transformation as part of the Elle Beauty Makeover section!

Megan in Elle

Megan is a long-time reader of Makeup Bag (she calls us her “absolute favorite!”) and we’re super excited to share her Elle makeover story here.  Megan says, “I’m the youngest of three children, and we all look very similar. By changing my dark brown hair to sun-streaked blond, I feel as though I set myself apart from my siblings in a positive way.”

In our opinion, Megan looks gorgeous both blond and brunette. Congrats, Megan!

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  • I like this woman, she is always well-dressed.
    I am sure she is a nice mom too.


  • Thank you sooooo much for putting my picture on here!!! I am honored!!! I love my blonde hair, but yesterday my hair dresser made the strands in the front of my hair very light, and damaged them a bit too much (I see breakage :( )

    If any makeupbag readers have a favorite hair mask or treatment let me know!!!

    And thank you so much again for putting me on makeupbag, :)

    mcnals (Reply)
  • Very cool mention!

  • Wow! Megan looks fabulous! A great makeover!

  • Great makeover!

    HEIDI (Reply)
  • If any makeupbag readers have a favorite hair mask or treatment let me know!!!

    Very cool mention ~ congrats! As far as hair mask/treatment, you need to order the Kerastase Chroma Reflect Masque. Expensive, but so worth it.


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