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My friends and I are addicted to Gossip Girl.

Blake Lively is so adorable—and she’s on the cover of Lucky this month!

Blake Lively on the January cover of Lucky

I love how her character has such effortless style. I imagine her beauty routine is equally easy, yet precise . (In other words, I doubt she goes to bed without washing her face!)

In the Lucky article, Blake talks about some of her favorite beauty products including Physicians Formula Bronzer and CHANEL Glossimer in Summer Plum .

Lucky for me, my mother is obsessed with Chanel lip gloss so I have access to several otherwise-unaffordable shades, but the Physicians Formula Bronzer is available at the drug store and won’t deplete my savings when I drop my bag and shatter the contents, as I’ve been known to do. I know I’ve talked about this before here at Teen Corner, but everyone I know uses this bronzer and loves it.

It’s nice to know ultra-cool Blake Lively shares in my obsessions.

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  • I haven’t seen the show yet, but the girl give great hair!

    When the heck is it on anyway? I miss everything flying all the time…

  • that was “gives”, ha ha.

  • i loved her in sisterhood of the travelling pants!

    sophie (Reply)
  • I also LOVE Gossip Girl, they started showing last month over here. I searched all over internet to find the most info about the actresses and their products, and I’m glad I found a bit over here! I love chanel glosses, I cant wait to try that colour on!! And about the bronzer unfortunately this brand doesnt have here, but its not like I really need one (I have bronzed skin). Does her mention any other beauty product she likes on that issue? =)

  • OMG, I am addicted to that show too! AND I love her hair. I want it! Somehow I don’t remember high school like that. hmm. =)

    claudia (Reply)
  • =( I’m slightly disappointed that this post is dedicated to Gossip Girls. I really liked the makeup you did in your earlier posts, was just wondering if you could a some how-to’s to ur blog. I know you can be busy, we’re both there lol, but yeah I’ll be checking back this wknd =)

    Honey (Reply)
  • luking hot


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