Bobbi Brown Spring 2008: Pink Raspberry

Bobbi Brown Spring 2008: Pink Raspberry

Bobbi Brown Spring 2008 Pink Raspberry collection has put a spring in our step this morning.

Everything about this collection says sweet and pretty—giving us hope that the kohl-rimmed eyes of our teenage daughters might have a change of heart come spring.

The Limited Edition Pink Raspberry Face Palette is to die for. It looks like every shade was custom-blended for our complexion. In this exclusive palette you’ll find:

  • Exclusive Navajo Eye Shadow
  • New, Exclusive Fog Eye Shadow
  • New, Exclusive Pink Raspberry Blush
  • New, Exclusive Raspberry Lip Sheer
  • New, Exclusive Blue Raspberry Lip Sheer

Bobbi Brown Spring 2008: Pink Raspberry

Joining the Pink Raspberry Face Palette is a new, Limited Edition Lip Crayon in Pink Raspberry and Wild Raspberry, a new Lip Sheer in Black Raspberry, Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks in Pink Raspberry and Raspberry, and two new, limited edition glosses: Pink Raspberry Glitter Lip Gloss and Pink Popsicle Lip Gloss.

Completing the collection is a Pink Raspberry Mini Brush Set—a travel essential with key mini brushes in a soft, zip around case.

The Bobbi Brown Spring 2008 Pink Raspberry collection will be available beginning January 2008.

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  • So pretty. I think I must have it all!

    Lisa (Reply)
  • The colours are all so pretty.

    Yolanda (Reply)
  • Spring collections in January 2008?! Yeah, can’t wait!

    Julia (Reply)
  • I loved that she used an unconventional looking model for her new Spring line! Very reminiscent of Lauren Hutton and look at where she is now!

  • I love Bobbi Brown and all that color makes it better!! I can’t wait until this comes out!!

  • I think I need all of these items – seriously.

    stephie (Reply)
  • Oh, I want this, but I’m afraid that the colors will turn out to be one awful shade of fuschia on my brown skin!

    gina (Reply)
  • i think they forgot to photoshop her tooth? b/c other pictures i saw online had it filled. very nice collection anyway!

    why? (Reply)
  • @ Gina, I have the same concern! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that there are some sheer shades that look universally pretty! They all look so gorgeous!

  • Very pretty, come check out my Bobbi Brown travel find at my new blog!

  • I am excited to see these pinks for winter carried over to summer!
    I have a photography studio and I hope to use them on my models.
    VERY sheek and not shabby!

  • I’m loving the return to pink! So cool.


  • quite nice for bobbi boring!

    rowan (Reply)
  • Absolutely beautiful!!! Love the pink colors I can’t wait to get this!!!!!!!!

    Sherry Byiff (Reply)
  • Bobbi Brown is a GENIUS! How about her models? Most have a little flaw (just like the us “real” people). Check out her newest book, especially if you’re over 40. I love her attitudes about simplicity and acceptance of our individual beauty. The Raspberry Pink? You’ll be fighting me to be 1st at the counter! Looks feminine, happy and just plain gorgeous!

    Kathi (Reply)
  • I know this girl—is her name Jessica Hart–from Melbourne Australia?
    If so, I went to school with her once upon a time.
    She looks great!

    Mirabai Oyao (Reply)
  • Her gap is just too cute!

    Santa (Reply)

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