Teen Corner: Prescriptives 24 Hour Mascara

Teen Corner

If you’re wondering why this review is, like, two weeks late—just ask my crazy mother!

She nags me practically every day of the week to get this column written, and then has the nerve to let my precious words hang out in her overloaded email in-box, scared and overwhelmed, for TWO WEEKS. Whatever. (I’m hoping this little incident keeps the nagging at bay for a week or two. At least.)

So, now that you’ve all pretty much forgotten that I had a miracle mascara to tell you about, here it is:

Prescriptives Here to Stay Mascara

Prescriptives Here to Stay Mascara is the longest wearing, most waterproof mascara I’ve ever tried. This stuff does not budge. No flakes to irritate my contact lenses and no smudges or smears to make my already-smoky eyes look a little crack-house-crazy. I am in love with this mascara.

Bree & Bailey

I hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day. We drove 12 hours (each way) to spend the holiday with our family two states away. I just love being cooped up for hours in the car with my parents (NOT!)—but I did catch up on my beauty sleep and a few rated-G movies that I haven’t seen in a while.

And of course, Bailey and I had all the time in the world to take self-portraits. What can I say, we’re easily amused.

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  • Bree-you’re makeup looks fantastic! What do you have on your eyes? Keep writing, I love your blogs.

    Brittany (Reply)
  • Hi Bree!
    How about the clumpiness factor?
    And did this mascara make your lashes fuller or maybe just longer?

    Do you think you could give us a few more details pleeeeease?

    Love your reviews as always!!!

  • loveeeee that mascara!

    Whitney (Reply)
  • i’m sure you hate this – but, bailey, you look just like your mom!

  • to be honest it seems as though your teen corner has become, as we british people say, “half arsed”. you dont seem bothered about writing it anymore wich is dissappointing because it has become bland

  • i kinda of agree with amy it hasnt got tha spark it used to!

    sophie (Reply)

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