Teen Corner: Free Beauty Cabinet Access

Teen Corner

For the next four days, it’s nothing but PEACE AND QUIET at my house. Yes!!!

My parents have gone to Florida with my little sister and my other siblings are gone, too! (They’re actually staying with friends and family, but GONE is a good word, so I’ll stick with that.) (I should probably mention here that I’m not home alone—we have a family friend staying here at the house with me. When my parents go out of town without us, they like to split us up, having us each stay at different places—saying they wouldn’t wish all three of us together on their worst enemy. I guess we tend to get out of hand sometimes!)

All I can say is this: In addition to four days of silent bliss, I have FREE ACCESS TO THE BEAUTY CABINET!

(Just kidding, Mom.) (Kind of.)

As usual, my mother’s final words to me before she left for the airport were "Stay out of the beauty cabinet!"—and I think she meant it. The beauty cabinet, an armoire full of beauty product samples waiting to be tested and reviewed, is always off-limits to us—but that doesn’t mean we don’t snoop around in there when our mom is not home.

Today I kept myself busy digging through tons of skincare items until I found this:

The warmest, yummiest, vanilla scent I’ve ever smelled. It’s called Perfect Vanilla by Creative Scent and it’s really really good. I also found a sick mascara that I need to wait and tell you about tomorrow because I need to make sure it continues performing for the rest of the day (I’ve only been wearing it for three hours, but so far, it’s a dream mascara).

Check back tomorrow for my dream mascara review! xo-Bree

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  • You’re so funny! I also dream of the days when I have my house to myself, I come from a big family. Too bad I don’t have a beauty cabinet to stay out of, that would rock!

    Can’t wait to hear what mascara you’re talking about….I don’t leave the house without mascara on!

    Nevin (Reply)
  • An open house and a beauty cabinet to snoop through? I’m officially jealous.

  • I will certainly keep an eye out for your mascara review!!!

  • It’s amazing isn’t it? I love that perfume but my absolute favorite is Perfect Veil. Creative Scentualization is behind a lot more perfumes than we really know about. I’m on a quest to find out which ones.


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