Space.NK Bath Tablets

Even though we had ZERO time to shop in New York, we somehow managed to pick up these amazing bath tablets from Space.NK.

Our first time ever in the store, we could have easily spent three hours browsing the aisles of brands personally hand-picked by founder Nicky Kinnaird. If you ever have an opportunity to shop at Space.NK, you MUST!

We’ve had to hide these bath tablets (twice!) from our kindergartner who thinks we got them just for her. (There are times in life when a mother has to be selfish and this is one of them.)

We bought these in Enrapture, a wonderful tuberose, ylang ylang, blackcurrant bud and orange blossom scent, and Compelling, a delightful mix of Moroccan Rose, fresh lychee, bergamot and crisp green geranium—but they are also available in Soulful (sandalwood, rose and lily of the valley) and Laughter (lime, rosemary, juniper and spicy ginger).

These tablets will transform your bathtime.

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  • Oh yay, you bought them! I’m really loving Space NK right now…hope to see you again soon? xo

  • Space NK is so divine. I can’t wait to explore it again and definitely with my beauty buddy Erika by my side.

  • WHERE is SpaceNK located, please?

  • I love the Soulful Body Wash, but I have to say that their Walk in the Woods incense (yes, I said incense) is amazing. (Smells great, sleek, cool, modern packaging.) Whenever friends used to go to London, I’d ask them to pick me up a set. No more, now that they’re here in NYC. Yippee!


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