Sheerin O’Kho

Sheerin O’KhoOur trip to Space.NK earlier this month left us with a sample of Sheerin O’Kho Outdoor Meetings, Wintertime Face Cream.

Even though our friend Julia swears by the Sheerin O’Kho First Class Flight Cream, we had never tried this plant-based brand until now.

To be honest, we like our beauty products to be aesthetically pleasing (in addition to actually working, that is) and our experience with “100% natural” has always been lacking in the smells-nice-and-looks-nice department. Always.

With gorgeous packaging and fragrant essential oils, this luxurious brand seems anything but natural. Dedicated to provide ethical plant-based formulas without parabens, PEG (polyethylene glycol), artificial colors or fragrance, Sheerin O’Kho takes “100% natural” to the next level.

The Outdoor Meetings, Wintertime Face Cream has more than 18 natural ingredients to combat the cold, wind and rain that winter weather brings. With 20.45% active ingredients, rigorous weather has no chance against our protected skin.

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