Our lucky girl—Sierra!

Makeup Bag Monthly Winner Sierra

Congratulations to Sierra for being the second name we randomly selected today from the Makeup Bag Monthly subscriber list.

Sierra gets 3 Tan Lips from the MAC Royal Assets collection, Antiquitease lipstick from the MAC Antiquitease collection, and Engaging eye shadow from the MAC Antiquitease collection. Yay for Sierra!

Just so you know, we’re sitting here on a Friday night watching Strawberry Shortcake DVDs with our 5-year-old daughter (glamorous, no?), snacking on Halloween candy, and wondering who the hell ever came up with the concept of fun-size candy snacks—because it’s really not fun when you realize you’ve eaten 6 of them (we counted the empty wrappers) and there’s still an entire bowl full sitting before you.

What we’re getting at is—there will be more giveaways tonight. If you haven’t signed up by now, we don’t know what to tell ya:

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