MAC The Stylistics

MAC The Stylistics

MAC The Stylistics

After our bug ordeal last week, we totally deserve this gorgeous Mystery Powder compact encrusted with black and white pearls. While we’re picking up our Mystery Powder we’ll also grab a lipstick in The Scene—because it’s just so beautiful.

MAC The Stylistics

Sylistics Lipstick

In Vogue Neutral mid-tone brown with gold pearl (frost)
Soft Pout Sheer pink peach with pearl (frost)
Stylistic Vibrant yellow red (cream)
The Scene Deep berry (cream)
Suggested Retail Price: $22 U.S./$26 CDN

Stylistics Lipglass

Conversational Sheer creamy white with pink pearl (frost)
Witty Intense red with red pearl (frost)
Tastemaker Deep wine with red and gold pearl (frost)
Hyper Chic Neutral caramel brown (frost)
Suggested Retail Price: $20 U.S./$24 CDN

Sheerspark Pressed Powder

Solitaire Beige and gold pearl
Warm Ice Soft pink peach and pink pearl
Pave Dirty pink with gold pearl
Fashionette Berry with red and pink pearl
Suggested Retail Price: $22 U.S./$26 CDN

Sheer Mystery Powder

Model Chic Warm beige
Lighthearted Caramel
Dark Secret Deep caramel
Suggested Retail Price: $42 U.S./$50.50 CDN

Air of Style Scent Concentrate
Suggested Retail Price: $60 U.S./$80 CDN

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  • Hmm, the sheerspark pressed powers sound interesting. I agree, The Scene does sound gorgeous! Shame on you for creating so many lemmings! 😛

    Lauren (Reply)
  • the packaging is gorgeous!

    Rubii (Reply)
  • It seems like every other month there’s something new from MAC which i want…


  • I just can not wait any longer!

    Shari (Reply)
  • Just when I had sworn that I had enough lippies and powders to last the remainder of my natural life span, I see these. When are these lovelies available?

    Lisa (Reply)

    HEIDI (Reply)

    As a poor grad student I try to ignore the MAC special collections as I can’t really afford them and, well, the last few haven’t really grabbed my attention. I’m just going to put it out there and ask what was with the red eyeshadow in the Antiquitease collection. Anyway. This looks incredible. When will it be available, and, more importantly, when will it be available in Australia, if ever?? I’m still waiting on the Tendertones tinted balm.

    *taps foot impatiently*

    rach (Reply)
  • what about the brush set? it looks so gorgeous on those pics.

  • Ugh i cant agree more. I have MAC’s powder blush in “Well Dressed” It looks so natural. I couldnt live without it!

    Haley (Reply)

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