BECCA Mattifying Primer

We’ve heard mixed reviews on the BECCA Cosmetics brand, which kind of surprises us. While the products are more on the expensive side, they’re certainly not as costly as some other high-end brands.

Our experience with BECCA has been nothing but love. We’re especially impressed with the wide range of foundation colors that have yellow undertones—which tend to be more flattering on all skin tones (in our opinion). The Luminous Skin Colour foundation is a cross between a tinted moisturizer and a sheer foundation with SPF 25—perfect for our skin in the drier winter months when moisture is scarce here in the desert. We also love the Creme Blush in Amaryllis (a favorite of beauty editors for years) which blends nicely and gives us natural, radiant color that lasts all day.

Becca Mattifying Primer

Recently we had an opportunity to sample the BECCA Mattifying Primer which really does help to keep shine at bay. We use this only where needed—in tour t-zone—to smooth out lines, fill in pores, and create a nice smooth canvas for our foundation. We like how it’s light and non-greasy and keeps us looking fresh—not shiny.

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  • I love Becca! I just wish more stores closer to me carried more of the products.

  • I love this primer! I use it all the time when I’m going to be in humid weather, or when my face is looking oil-slicky.

  • You should definetly try Monistat Chafing powder-gel (not the one for yeast infections!) as a primer. It works wonders!
    It has dimethicone which is the main ingredient in most primers, but with a fraction of the cost. Almost 85%!

    Catherine (Reply)
  • I must admit I haven’t tried this particular primer, as I am delighted with Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot. It has been the only primer I’ve found to actually deliver what it claims!

    However, I am extremely keen to try some mineral primers now. Dimethicone, which, as Catherine commented, exists in many primers and is not a product I wish to use on my skin too often! I would much prefer to use natural products where possible, provided I do not have to sacrifice quality, especially for my clients.

  • love this primer ) good post


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