Beauty Editors, one and all

Annie, Fiona, Erika, Amy

Left to right: Annie, Fiona, Erika, Amy

When I started this website in August 2006, I jokingly called myself Beauty Editor because 1) I never imagined people would actually read it, and 2) being the founder, CEO, majority shareholder, and head honcho—I can call myself whatever the hell I want.

Needless to say, it feels incredibly surreal to see myself in this photo with Allure beauty director Amy Keller and Allure Web editor Fiona Gibb.

These girls are just as sweet as they are gorgeous!

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  • thats such a cute old name ! when is the teen corner post coming and the update about the mascara?

    sophie (Reply)
  • Congrats on coming so far in just over a year! We’re looking forward to seeing where you end up at Makeup Bag’s 2-year anniversary! :)

  • Oh how fun! The Allure ladies are all very nice, but YOU are the pretty one!

    Looks like a grea time!

  • GREAT time sorry!

  • It was so much fun meeting you, too! Love your blog. Pls. keep in touch.


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