Yves Saint Laurent Holiday 2007

We had a bad experience at an Yves Saint Laurent counter years ago and we’re still not over it. Of course it’s not the brand’s fault that a crappy Macy’s sales associate gave us the worst customer service experience of our life, but still—every time we see a YSL product we’re reminded of the unfortunate event.

Enter Yves Saint Laurent Holiday 2007—a charming little collection of White Gold goodies that is helping us forgive and forget:

Yves Saint Laurent White Gold Celebration Palette

While most of the colors in this YSL White Gold Celebration Paletteicon are too pink-y for us, we think it’s perfect for our fair haired friends. With three eye shadows, three lipsticks, one gloss, one highlighter, and a heart-shaped blush—you’ll be all set with this chic white gold palette.

And the rest of the collection isn’t too shabby, either:

Yves Saint Laurent Holiday 2007

Pictured here (clockwise): White Gold Lip Palette a heart-shaped pendant with a lipstick and a gloss to be worn around the neck or attached to your handbag, Rouge Pur Shine Lipstick with White Gold in Starry Dreamicon a pale gold with silver mother-of-pearl, White Gold Eyeshadow Palette a set of four metallic shades to be applied wet or dry, and Compact Powder for the Complexionicon a duo of Pink Beige and Rose Whisper in the shape of a heart to give you a luminous complexion.

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