Winona and Marisa

Winona Ryder and Marisa Tomei at Fashion Week

This image of Winona Ryder and Marisa Tomei charms us. Mostly because we admire them as actresses, but also—look at them!

Winona’s look has not changed in 15 years: pale skin, red lips, pixie cut. Gorgeous.

Marisa, if you can believe, is FORTY TWO YEARS OLD. Our thoughts on that are 1) how the hell did that happen. Wasn’t she just, like, twenty-five? 2) The girl in this photo does not look 42. Or anywhere near it.

We contacted Marisa’s publicist hoping she’d share her skincare secrets with us but, unfortunately, Marisa was unavailable to talk to Makeup Bag. (It was a stretch, but we tried!)

We still love her and can only hope and dream that 42 looks just as good on us someday.


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  • 42??? Are you serious? She looks about 24/25…she looks so good!

  • Wow. Marisa puts my 20 year old self to pure shame, I knew she was early 40’s (I found out around the time the “Alfie” remake came out and was all like pffft?!)
    I remember when she was Maggie on “A Different World!”

    Ashley Samantha (Reply)

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