Tips on Fall Makeup Trends with Prescriptives’ Jillian Veran

We’ve seen this season’s makeup trends on the runways, in magazines, and on the red carpet—cat eyes, bold lips, strong brows—but translating these looks to everyday can be daunting for some.

Jillian Veran, Director of Artistry for Prescriptives (you’ve seen her on QVC, right?) gave us some simple tips and tricks to make this season’s dramatic looks more wearable for everyday:

  • Know your look. If bold lips are not your thing, skip the season’s deep red lip and focus instead on a dramatic eye; If smoked-out eyes are too sexy for your style, try a softer version—like a simple cat eye or an extra coat of mascara—for a little drama without stopping the show.
  • If liquid liner scares you, try this: Divide your eyelid into (imaginary) thirds. Starting with the outermost section, carefully draw a line toward the outside corner of your eye. Work your way in, by section, until you have a perfect line of liquid liner. It’s best to use a liquid liner that dries quickly (to avoid smudges)—our favorite is Lucky Stroke Eye Defining Liquid Liner. (This was a favorite even before we met Jillian. The compact size, precise brush, and long-wearing formula make it a Makeup Bag staple.)

Lucky Stroke Diagram

  • To create a more understated version of fall’s rich purple and dark red lips, dot on a light layer of bold lipstick with your fingertip—and finish with your favorite gloss. This gives a hint of pigment with the comfort of gloss.

After being in the business for 18 years, Jillian has seen makeup trends come and go. “It’s really all about what’s comfortable for you,” she tells us, “Trends can be customized to your own personality. I will never feel good in a crazy dark lip—it’s just not me.”

She does, however, love how the fall trend looks on others. “I loved the makeup at the Emmy’s this year,” she said, “all those gorgeous red lips!”

If you do embrace the red lip trend, be sure to keep a mirror handy—red lips must be perfect. Perfectly perfect.

Visit and for more expert tips from Jillian Veran.

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  • i cant thank you enough… ive been looking for ages for an easier to apply liquid eyeliner and this one actually works!
    i love your awesome tips

    Natalie (Reply)
  • I think you have “innermost” and “outermost” corners of your eyes reversed…!

  • Hi Jennifer– it’s kind of confusing, but in my diagram the vertical line at the left depicts the bridge of her nose. When I refer to “innermost” I’m talking about the section closest to the nose (#3), when I refer to “outermost” I’m talking about the area in section #1.

    Sorry I can’t explain this better!

  • That makes perfect sense now that I realize where the nose is on the diagram. I’m definitely going to try it! Thanks.

  • I’m definitely going to try this technique..makes it seem really easy…Jilliam you rock!!!!!!!!!! So does your products ..I watch you when your on the Q all the time :-)

    Donna (Reply)

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