Teen Corner: Face of the Week (and a little fishing-trip recap)

Teen Corner

I had a blast last weekend on our Northern California fishing expedition. The Trinity River was incredibly serene and beautiful, making the unbearable drive (FIVE HOURS, PEOPLE) totally worthwhile.

Trinity River, Redding, CA

The view from the boat.

Bree and Andrea, Redding, CA

Andrea and me in our waders, ready to charge the waters. (Picture taken by my dad.)

As crazy as it seems, I kind of like fishing. No joke. I can’t wait to go again. (FYI, I’m a catch-and-release kind of fisher-girl so no fish were harmed (or eaten) on this expedition!)

On to the face of the week:

Bree, Face of the Week

I’m not wearing any blush or bronzer here, just tons of MAC Technakohl Liner in Graphblack . This stuff rocks because I never have to worry about finding my sharpener (it’s a twist-up) and I love how it’s creamy going on, but dries to a no-smudge finish.

On my skin, I’m wearing the MAC Hyper Real Foundation SPF 15 in NC400 that I got a few weeks ago. Can I just say that I LOVE THIS STUFF!

It’s sheer but has nice coverage, has a slight pearlescent finish, and makes my skin look incredible. (I’m not wearing anything else on my skin in this photo—not even powder.)

On my lips I’m wearing Lipglass in C-Thru , my go-to gloss—I never leave home without it.

The first quarter ends this week, so I’ll be studying for tests and finishing up projects—fun, fun, FUN. (Not.)

Hope your week is great. xo, Bree

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  • heya bree

    i love ur part of the blog!! its soo fun, i think u should have a 2 posts a week!!
    love the waders!!haha
    i think u should do a post on eyeliner, how u put it on and stuff!

    soph (Reply)
  • Ahh to be that age and have perfect skin.. beautiful. you wear c thru nicely. i look a little ghastly in it alone, but i do love it over hug me lipstick… a better flesh tone to wear under c thru for me!

  • aahhh.. life is indeed unfair. you’re in your teens with perfect skin. i’m in my 20s, and my skin is still acting up. tsk tsk..

    lovely skin, bree. =)

    Lisa (Reply)
  • You look great in that foundation! however it seems that the color ends abruptly at the intersection your neck and your chest. Perhaps try going a shade darker? Or perhaps the photo is just shading your lower body?

    tiff (Reply)
  • haha Tiff. If there’s one thing i’m guilty of it’s not blending enough!! (although, i’m getting better thanks to my nagging mother!) But, i don’t think that’s a makeup line at my neck/chest—I never wear foundation on my neck. It must be a shadow because i just checked and it seems to be the same color now…


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