Teen Corner: Beauty is Confidence

Teen Corner

Janey in witch hat

This quirky little girl in a witch’s hat is my 5 year old sister Janey.

I’m sharing these pictures of her because, as crazy as it seems, she inspires me with her style and confidence. A full ten years younger than me, Janey picks out her own (mismatched) outfits and usually styles her own hair (she did her own ponytails here) and then struts around with a sparkle in her eye, flipping her hair over her shoulder like the diva she thinks she is.

Many times, she’ll come to me wearing light blue flower-print knee-high socks with gold tap shoes, a striped mini skirt, and a maroon top that reads "I only fly first-class"—and I want to tell her how hideous she looks and to go change immediately. But when she stands before me with her hands on her hips, all sassy and self-assured, I don’t have the heart to break her spirit with my stupid opinions.

I can only nod in agreement when she looks up at me with her big brown eyes and says, "Bree, look at me! I look SOOOOO cute!"

And then I watch in amazement as she works the room (or the gym) visiting friends and parents, dazzling everyone with her confidence. I’m sure the terribly un-matched smattering of clothes she’s assembled on herself makes people wonder how my mother let her out of the house looking like a homeless musician on the streets of San Francisco, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Janey has taught me to pay attention to my own sense of style, instead of worrying about how I think others expect me to look. It doesn’t come as easy for me as it does her, but being confident in my own skin makes me feel much prettier than having a face full of impeccable makeup.

Beauty is confidence, and confidence is beauty. Just look at my baby sister.

(PS—this is the outfit she wore shopping yesterday. Witch’s hat and all.)

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  • You’re a good big sister Bree 😉

    Mismatched or not she’s adorable and I’m sure one day mismatched will turn into ultra glam =)

    Who knows maybe her eccentric style is actually her hidden artistic side 😉

  • best article ever!

    Laura (Reply)
  • She is super, super cute! I love that outfit lol.

    spectrolite (Reply)
  • I agree with Laura.

    anonymous (Reply)
  • She is so cute!! Watch out when she gets older, she could turn into some designers muse!!

    Heather (Reply)
  • Wow, she is adorable! I wished I looked like that when I was five.

    Yoyo (Reply)
  • She is adorable ~ I *love* her confidence!!! You are an awesome big sis!

    Cheya (Reply)

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