Seven Reds in Seven Days: Day 6

Today is a state holiday here in Nevada and we spent our much-needed day off running errands, doing laundry, and shopping for Halloween costumes for the kids.

Wearing red lipstick on a day like today was almost as uncomfortable as showing up to the neighbor’s barbeque in a prom dress.

Red Day 6

Except it wasn’t quite that uncomfortable because just LOOK at this red.

This is CHANEL Rouge Allure in Lover and it’s quite possibly the most perfect red we’ve ever worn. Terribly chic, creamy, and ever so slightly pink—this is the red that all other reds want to be when they grow up.

Even in the company of our gorgeous teenage daughters (with our bangs clipped back and sporting an ugly outfit, no less) we still managed to score a compliment on our pretty lipstick.

That’s quite a feat.

Seven Reds in Seven Days: Day 6

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  • Hahahahaha!

    My 21-year-old son bought me that shade for my birthday.

    I wear it when I mean business and want to “take no prisoners!”

    Aloha, Soos

  • Wow, that brightens up your whole face – so pretty and a great shiny finish! Did you need to reapply very much?

    sarah (Reply)
  • I’d say it’s the smile that brightens up your face!

    anonymous (Reply)
  • I love that color- i am going to buy it asap. I am 15 and i have little money for gorgeous $30 lipcolor.

    Kate (Reply)
  • This is a must have!!! I have been hesitant to add a red to lippie collection, but this one is definately worth buying!! Thanks Erika!!

    Daisy (Reply)

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