Seven Reds in Seven Days: Day 5

Seven Reds in Seven Days: Day 5

After a phone call from our sister telling us that our Seven Reds in Seven Days photos are depressing (apparently we need some color, and our expressions are about as exciting as a 3-hour tax seminar), we thought we’d give you a smile.

Also, we’re wearing bronzer!

Today’s lipstick is Shiseido The Makeup Perfecting Lipstickicon in Real Red. This is a pretty, bold red with a berry undertone that seems to suit our (newly tan!) complexion. The creamy formula is highly pigmented and lasts for hours. Very nice.

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  • yay!
    nice smile.

  • You wear red so well Erika :)

    I wish I could pull it off!

    Beautiful as always ;)

  • Thank goodness beauty runs in the family, huh? Pretty picture.

    Sister (Reply)
  • Way to sass it up with a smile! I love all the reds on you, but only two more days to go.. I hope you’ll find a way to continue these fun 7-day looks!

  • Just wanted to say that I love this 7 lipsticks series! And it has caused me the opposite of depression so far. It has been very inspiring. Thank you!

  • You look great! I’ve definitely enjoyed your rampage of reds this week! :-)

  • I love this series!! I think you should do one more week of it!!! We all love red lipstick and you should do more!!! You are so pretty and I look forward to seeing what you wear =)

    naomi (Reply)
  • Wow, you have a beautiful smile!!

    Eileen (Reply)
  • Seriously gorgeous! Now if only I could get my hair and eyebrows to look so perfect. Color me jealous. :D

  • Next color..? :)

    anonymous (Reply)
  • Gorgeous smile! I’m really loving the series and I look forward to seeing what you’re going to wear next. It’s empowering.

    Donna (Reply)
  • Much better with a smile, and it’s a good one too:)

  • I dont really like this color on you particularly, my first impression wasn’t “wow!”. It makes your face look a little pale. But i do love the smile!!

    Ashley (Reply)

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