Seven Reds in Seven Days: Day 4

Seven Reds in Seven Days: Day 4

Can we just say right now that wearing red lipstick every day for four days is HARD WORK?

Because it is.

With red lipstick on, we feel like we’re begging people to look at us. (So they can wonder why the hell we have fluorescent red lips—because that is precisely how to describe today’s color.)

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Certainly Red is certainly bright. This was surprising to us because in the tube it’s a lovely deep red with a cool undertone.

As we went about our day, we found ourself speaking in hushed tones—as if that might help diminish the obnoxious-ness of our lips—and trying not to smile.

We’re thinking tomorrow’s color should be a little better.

Three days of red lips

In case you missed: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

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  • Yes, this red is a touch on the bright side. I try not to be biased (or snobby) with drugstore brands but I always feel like they are not true to the color it looks to be. And I hate that you can’t try them on first :( Were you able to try it on first or did you just take a shot in the dark with this one?

  • I’m really loving the seven days of red lipsticks!! Thanks – will be waiting for more.

  • Opulent Garnet I think is the name of the Revlon color I found and love. It also looks darker in the tube than it is, but it still comes out nice and much less bright.

    I bet it IS hard to wear red every day!! I haven’t had the nerve yet to wear read lips in public even once yet.

  • This is my favorite shade on you so far.

    Rebecca (Reply)
  • This is much brighter and more pink than the rest. It looks really good.
    Are you going to wear Chanel Marilyn? It’s the most wearable red I’ve found. Guerlain also has a very beautiful red (Exces de Rouge).

    Yolanda (Reply)
  • Chanel is tomorrow :)

  • It is pretty bright, but it looks nice on you! I love red lipstick–Nars Flamenco is my current favorite. Lots of reds turn magenta on me, but Flamenco stays a true, sheer strawberry red.

    Theresa (Reply)
  • Too bright, for your complextion. The color is nice though

    Ashley (Reply)
  • As a color analyst and a person with natural affinity for color, I can safely tell you this lipstick color is very good for you. However because you are so fair the trick to making this color personally yours is to buff it with your finger until it becomes more of a stain but still very red.

    You should not wear any color but strong reds or strong deep pinks, but because your skin shade is so very white, you should wear your lipsticks buffed to a STRONG stain. Always wear matte shades, never glossy or OMG never frosts. Frosts will make you look washed out.

    Rebecca (Reply)

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