Seven Reds in Seven Days: Day 1

We’ve been testing red lipsticks left and right this month and we’ve come up with a few favorites that we want to share with you.

First, we must say that it takes a little extra work to wear red lips but it’s totally worth it. We somehow feel a little more clever, a little more sassy, a little more sexy with red lips. (Of course, this is all in our head—but, what the hell, let’s roll with it.)

Red Day 1: MAC Classic Dame

Here we’re wearing MAC Mattene Lipstick in Classic Dame, a true-ish red that leans to the warm side. MAC describes it as ‘blood red’ but it seems more like ‘tomato’ to us. Either way, this is the red to wear when you want everyone in the room to look your way. And then look again.

We’re adding Classic Dame to our ‘going out’ Makeup Bag as we don’t think The Suits can handle its sizzlin’ hotness.

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  • Aaah! The red lips! I am so going to love this. You’re HOT!

  • you look FANTASTIC!

    cory (Reply)
  • Mmm, you look gorgeous! I’m looking forward to this series of red lipsticks!

    Stephanie (Reply)
  • You look amazing in this red! Well done.

  • I just ordered this the other day — has yet to arrive (we have no MAC counter at this remote corner of the world. sigh).
    I’m excited now, it looks lovely! I got it for the express purpose of spicing up a little black dress when I go out. Also ordered that SPF 50 Primer (which I should have ordered waaaay back at the beginning of summer).
    This blog is horrible on my wallet (great for my face though!)

    Are you going to do P.S. Kiss? Cause that’s the one I REALLY wanted to get my hands on.

    Ashley Samantha (Reply)
  • Ashley Samantha—I usually don’t wear reds as tomato-ish as Classic Dame. I’m more drawn to wine reds and berry reds… But Classic Dame is definitely striking, that’s for sure! Here’s a picture of PS Kiss from last month…

  • Gorgeous!

    HEIDI (Reply)
  • Gawgeous! I’m looking forward to this red series, too. I’ve always wanted to be a person who could wear red lips, but I’m not sure I am. Maybe I’ll go out on a limb with Halloween this week!

  • looking gorgeous as always Erika :)

  • I love this red lips series you are doing this week! I just found my favorite red lips for this season by NARS; hope you can check it out on my blog. And I hope it will make your list this week :)

  • Love the color on you, but not one I can wear. BTW what do you use on your skin? You look 25!

    kari (Reply)
  • You are so adorable! I love red lipstick and I’m eagerly awaiting each installment in this series. :)

  • Of course, how could I forget! That particular color’s just been on my mind alot I guess. Thank You!

    Ashley Samantha (Reply)
  • I think Classic Dame is a gorgeous red. I feel in love with it as soon as I swiped it on.

    Though I wore it to work one day and the second my Dad saw me he said, “too much!” Then again he makes fun of my bold and crazy nail polish choices too. Every time I bring my Mom a selection of nail colors to choose from, he picks out the most boring shade.

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